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Professional credit to buy a company car – Car LoanProfessional credit to buy a company car – Car Loan

You need to buy a company car and you need to contract a suitable professional credit? We present the possibilities of financing which you are possible as well as their modalities. Prepare your company car purchase project To acquire a professional vehicle, be it a company car or a utility vehicle, there are several ways […]

Property A Cash Loan – Online loansProperty A Cash Loan – Online loans

Limitation of the debt 7 days, although the contract provides for a longer sequence. If the loan declaration is said by the bank, construction of the loan, Limitation of claims – Good Finance Debt collector demands that my mother pay off the loan from 3 years ago. Quick support shrub checking capacity. Loan installment in […]

How to take care of your credit history?How to take care of your credit history?

If we decide to incur a specific financial obligation – credit, loan or installment purchase, in most cases, we will first have to undergo a verification process regarding the data contained in BIK and the registers of economic information offices. It’s about checking your so-called credit history. What is it and how can we improve […]

For what and from whom do we usually borrow money?For what and from whom do we usually borrow money?

Loans have almost become the norm in today’s world. This is related to both our financial habits and a consuming lifestyle. Who and what do Poles usually borrow money from? Poles’ finances – how do we manage money? Do Poles Manage Their Finances Properly? According to research carried out by Provident Polska, planning of finances […]

Costs and interest rate on loansCosts and interest rate on loans

When borrowing from a bank, we must remember that we repay not only the amount we have received, but also interest, bank commission and commonly used credit insurance. These are not small amounts that we do not realize, especially when it comes to housing loans, which are characterized by a large amount. All additional fees […]

Cash loans comparisonCash loans comparison

Searching for a cash loan that is right for you, you have certainly encountered the situation that the enormity of various offers from the bank can effectively discourage you from continuing your search. In order not to get lost in the maze of offers, one should carefully check each offer and write its terms on […]