Costs and interest rate on loans

When borrowing from a bank, we must remember that we repay not only the amount we have received, but also interest, bank commission and commonly used credit insurance.

These are not small amounts that we do not realize, especially when it comes to housing loans, which are characterized by a large amount. All additional fees are usually included in the loan amount, which increases the monthly installment.

It is important that in few banks


It is possible to repay the amount of credit taken earlier without additional costs and with a partial refund of the insurance amount. The basic duty of every good banking adviser is to familiarize the borrower in detail with the terms and loan agreement, so that the borrower is aware of the costs of this project.

Usually, when you take out a loan, these costs are not a problem for us, because we got the cash we needed. If you want to learn more about the best offers.

However, there comes a time when we count the repayment and it turns out that we have repaid the amount twice or even three times more than we took. Unfortunately, then it’s over and the claims made against the bank’s employees are unfounded. After all, we should be aware that loans without guarantors or an ID card must be more expensive and insured, and a home loan secured by a mortgage.

All these costs

Especially the costs of establishing collateral are costs borne by the borrower arising not only from the loan agreement but also from the banking law. Each bank granting a loan charges a bank commission and it is also specified in the contract. The differences in banks consist only in the fact that in some it is collected in cash and in the other it is added to the amount of the loan granted.

Both methods are legal and there are no exceptions. The interest rate on the loan, on the other hand, is a profit for the bank on the cash borrowed and it is a permanent element of each installment, principal and interest installment distributed in detail in the repayment schedule.

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