1 death, 39 cases of COVID-19 reported by the TGC health service

SAN ANGELO, Texas – The Tom Green County Health Department today confirmed one new death and 39 additional positive cases of COVID-19. Positive cases and patient deaths are published as part of a daily report released by the City of San Angelo.

According to the report, the patient who died from COVID-19 was an unvaccinated man in his 60s from Menard County.

The full report is included below.

Deaths related to COVID-19 from March 11, 2020 to December 22, 2021. Courtesy of the City of San Angelo
Daily positive cases of COVID-19 from March 11, 2020 to December 22, 2021; City of San Angelo
Daily active hospitalizations from May 27, 2020 to December 22, 2021; City of San Angelo

COVID-19 report of December 22, 2021
Total number of positive cases: 25 874
Active cases: 296
Currently hospitalized: 14
New positive points: 39
New deaths: 1

Male, 70 years old, Ménard: not vaccinated

Genre Age Race / Ethnicity County of residence Type of test
Man 42 Hispanic Coke PCR
Female ten Hispanic Alleys PCR
Female 83 White Irion PCR
Female 33 Hispanic Schleicher PCR
Man 57 White Coke PCR
Female 45 White Out of state PCR
Female 38 White TGC PCR
Female 37 White TGC PCR
Man 74 White TGC PCR
Man 38 Other TGC PCR
Man 25 Hispanic TGC PCR
Female 59 White TGC PCR
Female 22 Noir Bastrop PCR
Man 52 White TGC PCR
Female 50 Hispanic TGC PCR
Man 33 Hispanic TGC PCR
Man 63 White TGC PCR
Man 48 Other TGC PCR
Female 44 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Man 63 Other TGC Antigen
Female 43 Other TGC Antigen
Female 32 White Schleicher Antigen
Man 17 White TGC Antigen
Female 28 White Tarrant Antigen
Female 15 White Coke Antigen
Female 30 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Man 56 White Coke Antigen
Female 31 White TGC Antigen
Man 9 White TGC Antigen
Female 75 White Howard Antigen
Man 28 White TGC Antigen
Female 33 White TGC Antigen
Female 41 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 39 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 16 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 71 White TGC Antigen
Man 76 White TGC Antigen
Man 45 White TGC Antigen
Female 19 White TGC Antigen

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