10 Scenes Where Dwight Was A Hero In Dunder Mifflin

OfficeDwight Schrute was more than just a paper salesman at the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin – he was the office’s unofficial (and unpaid) protector. As a lover of martial arts, paintball, and safety protocols, Dwight was quick to protect the office when things went wrong.

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And while Dwight’s security practices sometimes caused harm and confusion, he always meant well. He genuinely cared about the welfare of his co-workers, even Jim.

Dwight saved Jim from Roy

In season 3, Roy discovered that Pam and Jim had kissed while he was still engaged to her. Seething with anger, Roy declared that he was going to “kill Jim Halpert”.


In “The Negotiation”, Roy stormed into the office and charged at Jim. But just before Roy could lay a finger on Jim, Dwight pulled out a mace and sprayed him in the eyes, stopping him in his tracks. Thanks to Dwight, Jim’s life was spared. At this point in the series, Dwight and Jim weren’t best friends, so it was a big deal that he saved her life.

Dwight wanted the Scranton branch to be drug-free

In “Drug Testing”, Dwight grew concerned when he found a joint in the parking lot. He thought the joint belonged to someone who worked in the office and as a volunteer sheriff’s deputy, he thought it was his job to find out who the addict was.

This side of Dwight has stayed the same throughout Office — even after giving up his rights as a voluntary sheriff’s deputy. After interviewing each worker privately and calling a urinalysis to test everyone’s urine, Dwight discovered that the owner of the joint was Michael.

Dwight protected everyone from the bat

The Office Trade School Bat

Dwight’s bizarre behavior might have made it easier to fire Dunder Mifflin, but they never did; he received only warnings. He could easily have received another warning after trapping Meredith with a potentially dangerous bat.

In “Business School”, the office was stunned to find a bat living in their ceiling. Dwight knew he was the only man for the job to save the office from a potential ravenous bat and found a way to finally trap it. Unfortunately, when the bat flew by Meredith’s head, Dwight trapped the bat and Meredith in a trash bag until Meredith could get out.

Dwight saved Michael’s life

Michael in the woods talking to his camera on The Office

While that moment of bravery didn’t happen in the office, it still matters because Dwight saved office boss Michael Scott from harm.

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In “Survivor Man”, Michael wanted to prove to himself that he could survive in the woods for a few days without help. Dwight knew Michael could never make it and decided to watch him from afar. It was obvious that Dwight would be fine alone in the forest, but the moment Michael tried to eat poisonous mushrooms, Dwight broke free from hiding and saved his life. Without Dwight, Michael could have been incredibly sick, making this one of the best episodes of Michael and Dwight.

Dwight wanted to protect Dunder Mifflin workers from the flasher

Phyllis was shaken up in “Women’s Appreciation” when she was flashed by a stranger in the parking lot. The whole office rallied around her in support, except for Michael. Michael made rude jokes about his appearance and pretended to be the turn signal.

Dwight was actually nice and did everything he could to locate the flasher and protect the women in the office. And though he never found the turn signal, Dwight did his best to protect everyone from harm.

The Night Knights Task Force

Dwight wearing a red hat for his club Knights of the Night on The Office

It’s an unpopular opinion to think that Dwight wouldn’t do what was best for the office. Although he’s off-center and too strong, he just cares about the well-being of Dunder Mifflin

During a cold open, Dwight was seen setting up a meeting for the Night Knights. He told the cameras they were volunteer patrollers. They patrolled the area to make sure Scranton (and the business park) was safe.

A mobile office

The Office - Work Bus

In Season 9, Dunder Mifflin learned that the office had electromagnetic field hotspots. Dwight ignored the warning, but Jim lied to Dwight and made it seem like the radiation was affecting unpopped popcorn and even Dwight’s sperm count.

To save the others from harm, Dwight rented a work bus so everyone could work until he took care of the office. While the bus was an inconvenience, it was an effort to protect the office from further potential damage.

A protective door with steam

dwight locks the office door and adds steam - the office

When Dwight became branch manager, he thought it best to protect the workers by getting a password-protected door.

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He bought the security door from a jewelry store that was closing. Along with adding a password, it also added a steam element. If someone answered the password incorrectly or didn’t know it, Erin had no choice but to release steam to scare away the intruders. This seemed extreme given that Dunder Mifflin was just a paper company, but Dwight didn’t want to take any chances.

A lesson for the whole office

Michael and Dwight dojo fight on The Office

As a karate and self-defense enthusiast, Dwight enjoyed showing off his self-defense skills while teaching others how to protect themselves.

In the cold open for “Murder”, Dwight is seen teaching the office different martial arts moves. Similarly, in Season 2’s “The Fight,” Dwight wanted to show everyone he had what it takes to protect himself and the office by battling Michael at his local dojo. And while not everyone always respects Dwight’s fighting skills, he showed them as a lesson.

Fire protection

A split image of Meredith's head on fire from The Office

In addition to self-defense, Dwight is also obsessed with fire safety. In Season 2’s “The Fire,” Dwight made sure everyone got out of the office safely (with Angela’s help) when the smoke detectors went off. From getting everyone out of the office to making sure everyone was in line, Dwight did a great job.

He also did a great job when Meredith’s head caught fire at the office Christmas party. Although she didn’t notice the flame on her head, Dwight sprang into action and grabbed a fire extinguisher to save her life. And while his most inappropriate safety lesson was starting a fake fire in the office, his intention was to teach a lesson.

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