3 ecological essentials that will change your routine


Want to change the family routine? Look no further than these must-haves from Gryph and Ivy Rose!

FFrom 100% recycled packaging and labels made from rocks to 10 times more active plants, you will become obsessed with this line of clean beauty products.

With its herbal ingredients that are great for sensitive skin, its non-synthetic fragrance containing natural plants that hydrate and help support the skin’s natural biome – as well as protect against common skin irritations – these three new products from Gryph & Ivy Rose will transform your family’s bathing routine.

BARE IT ALL: Shampoo and body wash

This magic body shower gel is natural, non-irritating and designed for the most sensitive skin types. It gently cleanses from head to toe while preserving the skin’s natural biome, leaving your hair and skin naturally nourished. Ideal for the smallest of children at the OG. Bare it All, shampoo and body wash $ 13.99 at gryphandivyrose.com.


The smoother, healthier and noticeably more radiant skin you get from this nourishing and protective body lotion becomes a staple after bath time. Comforting and Creamy – Its soothing formula absorbs easily and provides instant, long-lasting hydration. Protects the skin of all ages. Coat of Arms, Body Lotion $ 14.99 at gryphandivyrose.com.

Gryph and Ivy Rose

SMOOTH SAILING: Herbal conditioner

This versatile, everyday hair conditioner blew us away. Its secret power lies in its 100% natural ingredients including Shea Butter, Licorice and Tremella Mushroom, which support the hair shaft and leave hair incredibly nourished and hydrated. In addition, it smells of coconut! What’s not to like. Smooth Sailing, Conditioner $ 14.99 at gryphandivyrose.com.

Gryph and Ivy Rose

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