90% of new moms are tired and grumpy, Beddy-Momspresso survey suggests

India – Business Wire India • Survey was conducted in metropolitan areas: Delhi, Mumbai Bangalore and Hyderabad • Survey suggests 85% of new mothers were sleep deprived • Over 50% of mothers cited bed sharing with their newborn babies as the reason for their disturbed sleep, but currently only 15% of them have a separate mattress for their infant babies and children.

On this International Mother’s Day, Centuary Mattress, India’s fastest growing mattress brand with a three-decade legacy, intends to highlight the importance of restful sleep for new mums and reiterate the need for separate and specially designed mattresses for babies and children. Beddy, Centuary’s baby mattress brand, has undertaken a survey with Momspresso to find out how mothers of newborns are doing with their sleep. The survey was conducted in four major cities, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Eight hours of restful sleep a night is what adults should have. However, raising a baby leads to sleep deprivation, especially for new moms, leading to fatigue, low moods and even depression. According to the survey, 90% of mums said they felt tired and grumpy at the end of the day, with 85% saying they needed a few extra hours of sleep, and 75% of mums saying they couldn’t handle it. their daily tasks.

The survey also suggested that 53% of mothers cited bed sharing with their newborns as one of the main reasons for their disturbed sleep. 76% of mothers said the main reason for bedsharing was because they felt their child was safer, contrary to established guidelines provided by leading doctors like the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Canadian Pediatric Society . The guidelines state that a baby is safest on a firm mattress, in a separate bed, right next to/in the same room as parents. The Cranky Moms campaign thus aims to highlight the need for separate cots and mattresses, both for mums’ restful sleep and for better back support and development of babies.

90% of mothers agreed that since the child spends 50-70% of their time sleeping, the mattress plays an important role in the proper support and development of the back. Most mothers felt that the ideal baby mattress should be breathable, temperature-regulating, waterproof and made from natural materials – by the way, all the qualities (and many more) that the Beddy Nest mattress has.

Speaking about the campaign, Ms Shruti Malani, co-founder of Beddy by Centuary Mattress, said, “This Mother’s Day, we want to highlight sleep deprivation among new mums. The survey we conducted in collaboration with Momspresso highlights that new mums need more help and are often overwhelmed, in addition to being sleep deprived. To this cause, each of us has something to contribute personally or professionally. As a brand, Centuary and Beddy deliver on the promise of better sleep and healthier lives for moms and babies with our specially designed mattresses.

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