Aldi customers are snapping up this luxurious-smelling perfume


Aldi’s customers are raving about this luxurious scent. (Getty Images)

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Now that we’ve left Zoom and returned to the real world, we all want to look and feel better.

From investing in a trendy fall wardrobe to looking for a fresh new scent, we’ve all been looking for a few new purchases.

Don’t want to spend a small fortune? We’ve found a brilliant new scent that’s a lot more affordable than it looks, and according to reviewers, it smells too.

Aldi Ladies’ Peony Eau de Parfum has been acclaimed by buyers for its luxurious fragrance, with many touting it as the perfect handbag accessory.

Here’s why you’ll want to get some while it’s still in stock …

Why we rate it:

With notes of bergamot, this fragrance is the perfect balance between a high-end scent, but cheaper than a sandwich and a coffee from Pret.

The delicate floral peony scent is ideal for day or night, and the bottle can be stowed in your purse so you never get caught out.

We’re aware that you can’t feel it through your computer or phone screen, so we’ve scrolled through the reviews to see how customers have described it.

The new £ 6.99 fragrance is flying off the shelves.  (Aldi)

The new £ 6.99 fragrance is flying off the shelves. (Aldi)

“It’s a citrus scent with a woody undertone,” said one customer, while another said “deep and dark and left a nice layer of woody vanilla scent, which I can still smell on my skin. skin the next morning “.

Others said the hint of bergamot came through: “A terrific scent: woody with hints of bergamot and what to me smells like patchouli.”

Customers also praised the scent’s longevity, with many top-rated reviews saying they could still smell it for hours afterward.

With a scent that shoppers say ‘smells luxurious’ but is an absolute bargain at £ 6.99, it’s no wonder women are buying multiple bottles.

What the critics are saying:

  • “Another Aldi smasher, beautiful scent. Long lasting, too bad they sell out so fast, you think Aldi would now know the demand for their scents and order enough.”

  • “This scent is amazing for the price. I went out with a friend and the first thing she asked me was what scent I had on it, then she went and got me a bottle and I got two. others as a gift. It lasts a long time and smells a lot more expensive perfume. “

  • “For the price, it’s pretty good. I sprayed it at 8 am today and can still smell it 3 hours later. It’s a citrus scent with a woody undertone. is the only way I can describe it, and I love it. I was asked twice this morning what perfume I was wearing. I’m sorry I didn’t buy 2 bottles. “

  • “I ordered two more because I don’t want to do without this beautiful little bottle of perfume .. thank you Aldi”

Buy it: Peony Eau de Parfum for Women | £ 6.99 at Aldi

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