Americans no longer enjoy cooking and moms can relate


60% said they would rather spend their cooking time doing other things they enjoy.


Go ahead and add cooking to the list of things the pandemic has ruined. With nearly two years of life interrupted for millions of people, eating at home has become even more of a chore than before COVID. As the world stopped and stopped for a few weeks, our lives slowed down for the first time in our history, but they’ve been going at full speed ever since. It has been exhausting and every part of our life has likely been affected by COVID-19 in one way or another. Cooking is no different.

In the spring of 2020, cooking at home was fun and new. Restaurants were closed, take out was an option, but caution was in order, so cooking at home became something to be done and learned at home. It’s also healthier for you and cheaper. Despite the benefits, the novelty has worn off and 1/3 of Americans simply cannot cook one more meal with a smile on their face.

A OnePoll survey conducted on behalf of Home Chef found that the thought of cooking another meal can be “exhausting” and that preparing food at home interferes with long hours at work and other tasks. If there is anything else we have learned during the pandemic, it is that work and life in the United States does not have enough balance between home and life.

Americans don't like to cook as much as they used to.

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As work resumed, the kitchen was not what it used to be. The excitement was gone and the reality of cooking multiple meals day after day had set in. Moms can definitely feel bored and finished cooking. Women have been cooking for generations without mercy. There are times when your own kids don’t eat what you cook or no one even says “thank you,” which adds to the frustration. We are just thankful that we no longer have to do everything from scratch. And delivery is an option.

According to the survey, Americans’ biggest qualms about cooking is a mother who knows it very well. Cleaning is a problem for most.

  • 81% say they don’t like the number of pots, pans and other utensils they use (and then have to clean) after cooking.

Cooking a good variety of food was also a problem.

  • Over 51% of those surveyed experienced recipe fatigue when preparing the same meals over and over again.

  • Consolidating that the kitchen is so last year, 60% said they would rather spend their cooking time doing other things they enjoy more like binge-watching their favorite show, taking a much-needed nap, or engaging in other forms of self-care.

Unfortunately, cooking is something we all have to do from time to time, if not every day. It can be a drag, but a lot of it can depend on our mood. Making meals at home is definitely the way to go for the health conscious and those on a budget. Just be sure to change recipes and consider one-pot recipes more often to reduce cleanup.

Source: Results of a study, Integrated power supply

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