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Apollo Neuro, maker of the first scientifically validated wearable device that improves the body’s resistance to stress, today announced it has raised $15 million in Series A funding, valued at more than $100 million, to enable people to take control of their mental health and well-being.

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Apollo is a wearable wellness device that improves your body’s resistance to stress, so you can relax, sleep, focus, recover, and feel better. (Photo: BusinessWire)

Led by Noetic Fund, the funding will help Apollo Neuro reach new global users who want to feel like a healthier, better version of themselves. Distinctly unique compared to other wellness wearables that only track health metrics, Apollo’s patented stress relief technology actively helps the body recover quickly, enabling better sleep, relaxation and better concentration. Currently, the Apollo wearable is available for a one-time purchase ($349) in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand, and pairs with a mobile app to help you transition throughout throughout the day.

What is the portable Apollo?

Apollo is a wearable wellness device that improves your body’s resistance to stress, so you can relax, sleep, focus, recover, and feel better. Worn on your wrist or ankle, the Apollo device works by interacting with your sense of touch, emitting quiet, soothing vibrations that help you feel safe and in control. Apollo Neuro’s scientifically validated technology trains your nervous system to bounce back from stress faster, shifting from ‘fight or flight’ to ‘rest and digest’.

Preliminary results from an ongoing sleep study (launched in 2021) show how the Apollo wearable improves sleep quality, as well as important cardiovascular metrics, including heart rate variability (HRV), a key metric recovery and the body’s resilience to stress. The real-world study, with over 500 participants, found that Apollo wearers experience, on average:

  • 19% increase in deep sleep
  • 14% increase in REM sleep
  • 5% lower resting heart rate
  • 11% average increase in heart rate variability (HRV)

“We are thrilled to announce the closure of our Series A, which gives us the opportunity to rapidly accelerate advances in consumer health with the Apollo wearable,” said Dr. David Rabin, psychiatrist, neuroscientist and co-founder of ‘Apollo Neuroscience. “Now, two years after our product was brought to market, we find ourselves living at a time when Apollo Neuro’s scientifically proven anti-stress technology is more vital than ever as we strive to find more balance in our daily life.

Improved health, no health tracking

By 2026, the global wearable technology market will exceed $19.12 billion with more than 344.9 million units shipped in 2022 alone. The Apollo wearable stands out in the category by showcasing the ability to improve health, while other wearables simply track health and data.

“Apollo Neuro’s touchscreen technology represents a whole new way of thinking about wearable devices,” said co-founder and CEO Kathryn Fantauzzi. “Rather than following, Apollo Neuro’s gentle vibrations allow us to control how we feel so we can focus, relax, get deep, restorative sleep, or socialize. Now that our A-series is complete, we’re set.” and ready to offer new ways to experience Apollo Neuro.I am excited to show what is possible when you harness the sense of touch to empower all of us to choose how we feel and experience the world around us.

Developed by neuroscientists and doctors, the Apollo Wearable is a safe, non-invasive stress relief tool for adults and children with no side effects. The Apollo device is a mental health care and beneficial tool for anyone looking to integrate active stress relief technology into their daily lives, from moms-to-be and veterans to top athletes and first timers. stakeholders, all of which can benefit from consistent use.

During research, Apollo users (on average) found:

“At Noetic Fund, we invest in innovative therapies that address significant unmet mental health needs,” said Sa’ad Shah, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Noetic Fund. “Apollo Neuro represents truly disruptive and scalable technology that aids in stress management, sleep, and clarity of mind. We are excited about the potential of the Apollo wearable to complement new therapies, like psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, and we Couldn’t be prouder to partner with the Apollo Neuro team to showcase accessible technology that is already changing tens of thousands of lives.”

About Apollo Neuro

Apollo Neuroscience is pioneering new ways to improve mental health by addressing the root of stress and anxiety, the nervous system. The Apollo wearable uses touch therapy to strengthen and rebalance the nervous system, actively improving the body’s resistance to stress. Worn on the wrist or ankle, Apollo’s scientifically validated technology sends gentle vibrations to the body that help you feel safe and in control. It is a simple and unobtrusive tool that trains the nervous system to recover more effectively from stress, with no effort on the part of the user. The result? Less stress, more sleep. Less fatigue, more concentration. The Apollo wearable is safe for adults and children with no side effects. Developed by physicians and neuroscientists, Apollo has been tested in multiple studies and clinical trials and proven to improve heart rate variability (HRV), a biometric key to stress resilience. For more information, visit www.apolloneuro.com.

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