Bienfait Weldon School is one of 10 winners from across Saskatchewan in the Nutrition Challenge


Bienfait Weldon School is one of 10 schools in Saskatchewan to receive a $ 10,000 grant to support student nutrition, after being selected for this year’s Mosaic School Nutrition Challenge.

The school will use the money to renovate the existing kitchen lab, provide cooking programs for students, and purchase a new commercial dishwasher.

The Bienfait Weldon School Community Council (CSC) worked for the app. President Theresa Hermann said she decided to apply after being told about the grant by one of the teachers.

“When I watched it, it was for activities or programs related to nutrition and student nutrition,” Hermann said. “This included updates to the school kitchens.”

The kitchen where the school’s breakfast program operates needed some updating and renovation.

Hermann is convinced that Mosaic’s money should cover these expenses.

“We have a great breakfast program, and that’s why we didn’t focus more on the nutritional aspect, because we have RM funding every year, and we’re able to do a little – lunch and snacks for students every day. that fall under Canada’s Food Guide recommendations, ”said Hermann.

They wish they could do more, but SCC thought the renovations would be a good idea.

The kitchen is in a large room shared with the art classes. There are cabinets, stoves and an existing dishwasher, but the latter often did not work.

All their dry products are stored in a small cupboard.

“The updates we want to do there are to buy shelves for all dry goods, so nothing is on the floor, everything is in place and where it’s supposed to be in good shape, and we want to also to create a large island with cabinets and a counter so that we can use it for preparation, for cooking or for the breakfast program, ”said Hermann.

It could also be used to teach children, or even their parents, to cook, through a monthly cooking class.

“We think it’s beneficial for everyone to have basic cooking skills and know how to prepare a meal or two for themselves or for their family when they are older,” said Hermann.

Bienfait Weldon’s breakfast and nutrition program is open to 121 students enrolled in Kindergarten to Grade 8. Many of them have regular access to the breakfast program. The program has been in existence for several years.

SCC put a lot of work into their proposal at Mosaic, and Hermann said she was very excited to hear that Bienfait Weldon had been selected.

Grants from across the province will support winning projects that have goals including supporting reconciliation projects, improving kitchen and garden facilities, increasing educational opportunities for students and families, and expansion of nutrition programs.

“We can’t wait to see what this year’s winning schools create with their funding for the upcoming school year,” said Sarah Fedorchuk, The Mosaic Company’s vice president of government and public affairs for North America.

“From gardens to cooking classes to breakfast programs, these 10 schools offer healthier school environments that are sure to have a lasting impact on students and their schools, building on the legacy program that has helped provide better access to nutritious food in 70 Saskatchewan schools. ”

To encourage local initiatives to improve student nutrition, this program, formerly known as the Mosaic Extreme School Makeover Challenge, started in 2006.

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