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This project to help an Arkansas middle school math class get some fun math fiction books is back this week. I’m going to have to choose something big for the other project, so anyone who wants to participate will have a chance. We don’t like to leave anyone behind. 😉


Project: Reading in math class

Resources: Help me give my students books that will help them see math everyday.

Economic need: A Equity-oriented school; notearly all students from low-income households.

Location: Heights University School of Medical Arts, Jonesboro, Arkansas

Total: $438.82

Still need: $95.62

Comments from Mrs. Murphy’s teacher:

My project: My students work extremely hard in math class. Even though I only teach math, I have a reading corner. Students can sit here and read when time permits. I’m trying to build my classroom library to include books on a math theme.

Students ask why they need to know how to do math all the time.

By providing them with math-themed books, they can see how much math is used in our daily lives. The books I request will help students understand why math is so important.

Donations of ANY size can make a BIG difference!

Read aloud videos of some of the books in this application. I was a little surprised to see that the illustrator of this book was Barbara McClintock, but that’s not THAT Barbara McClintock!

There is a whole series of books about Sir Cumference and his equally puny parents and other members of the royal court.

Since June 19, DonorsChoose is marking the occasion with a specially selected group of projects that “raise black voices”. This Georgia elementary school literacy project requires many well-chosen books to pull it off.


Project: Young, black and enlightened

Resources: Help me give my students various books that represent them in the world.

Economic need: A Equity-oriented school; notearly all students from low-income households.

Location: Peachcrest Elementary School, Decatur, Georgia

Total: $594.26

Still need: $594.26

Comments from Ms. Strozier’s teacher:

My project: Falling in love with a great book and getting lost in its words should be an experience every student has. Providing and having access to diverse books addresses the concern that reading and representation matter.

Students will be able to see themselves in the pages of the book.

The book collection will not only make a difference in learning, but its reflection will allow students to see themselves, their families, and their communities while fostering a sense of being valued.

This project will help change the narrative and promote lifelong learning, self-esteem, one book at a time.

Donations of ANY size can make a BIG difference!

I was only able to choose a few of the many good titles in the application to feature here!
Nikole Hannah-Jones chats with Trevor Noah about The 1619 Project. [9:52]

In a segment from just a few months ago, Ta-Nehisi Coates discusses the book ban and why it’s harmful for everyone. (between the world and me is part of our project.) [5:13]

Stacey Abrams reads her picture book, Stacey’s Extraordinary Words. [9:44]

Our main project from last week is complete! It’s a big deal, because it was a very important project, even with matching funds, but you’ll remember that the professor bothered to come here and ask for our help. And our readers came by, four Sundays in a row!

Project 1, Creating Millennial Scientists Through STEAM Learning: Ms. Perez teaches first graders in Houston, and she had a long list of needs for her class to help her Bilingual Education students thrive.

She writes: Thank you very much for your kind and generous donation! We are very grateful that your organization supports the class teachers and our students! Our class truly appreciates this gift of literacy treasures for many, many years to come! Many blessings to your organization for choosing our classroom for your donation!

DonorsChoose developed the designation Equity-focused schools describe some schools submitting projects. They meet two criteria: at least 50% of students are black, Latino, Native American, Pacific Islander, or multiracial, and at least 50% of students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch, the standard measure of economic need in the school. ‘school. You can read more at the link about their efforts to address long-standing inequalities in education.
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Founded in 2009, The inoculation project fights the anti-science and anti-education push in conservative America by funding science, math, and literacy projects in Red State public school classrooms and libraries. Our conduct is DonorsChoose, a crowdfunding charity founded in 2000 and much loved by both Charity Navigator and the Better Business Bureau.

Every Sundaywe focus on helping finance projects in public neighborhoods schools where the overwhelming majority of students come from low-income households. We welcome everyone who supports education in public schools – no money required!

Finally, here is our list of successfully funded projects – our series total is 978! (Boy, we’re approaching that 1000 project party! Better start baking cake!) The achievement list log also has links and additional information about DonorsChoose.

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