Broome County Health Department Cancer Prevention in Action builds support for workplace cancer prevention policies

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — As a recipient of the New York State Health Department’s “Cancer Prevention in Action” program, the Broome County Health Department educates the community about cancer prevention.

Public health educator Abby Kaiser said the health department is using state-supported funding to reduce the burden that cancer causes across the region.

“We do it in different ways — educating about sun safety, the HPV vaccine as cancer prevention, and that focus is paid time off for cancer screening,” Kaiser said.

Through the CPiA program, the health department helps local businesses and organizations establish paid time off that will allow employees to get screened for cancer.

Kaiser said there is an extreme cost to having to replace employees, and the health department wants to make sure it helps companies save money while saving employee lives.

“We know that employees are a company’s most important asset,” she said. “We want to make sure they are protected and healthy.”

Organizations or businesses interested in implementing paid time off for cancer screening for their employees are encouraged to contact Abby Kaiser at (607) 778-2848.

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