Caltrans Works Clean Up California in Eureka – Redheaded Blackbelt


Clean California is more than just a slogan, it’s a call to action.

Caltrans picks up trash on state highways and encourages the public to do their part to keep their local communities clean and beautiful. As part of a statewide day of action to highlight the new program, Caltrans District 1 Director Matthew Brady, maintenance workers, Adopt-A- volunteers Highway and others cleaned up trash and beautified a section of US Highway 101 south of the town of Eureka.

“The Clean California initiative faces one of the state’s most enduring challenges – waste on our national highways and local roads,” said Caltrans director Toks Omishakin. “The billion-dollar, multi-year cleanup effort will take waste from the roads, create thousands of jobs and engage communities in beautification efforts to turn our roadsides into places of pride. “

“We spent most of the afternoon with one of our Adopt-A-Highway volunteer partners, Scott Hammond and his associates, picking up the trash,” Brady said. “Californians, quite simply, throw away too much garbage. It is frustrating to see this accumulation of waste along the state’s grip. With this beautiful bay right next to me, seeing this garbage ending up in this place is simply unacceptable. “

Clean California generates approximately 10,000 to 11,000 jobs over three years, including opportunities for homeless people, at-risk youth, and those re-entering society after incarceration.

The initiative represents a significant investment in waste collection and community engagement to transform unsightly roadsides into spaces of pride for all Californians. This state-wide effort includes potential projects in all 58 counties of California, with nearly a third of the funds going directly to cities, counties, tribes and transit agencies to clean up the streets and local public spaces. Through the elimination of waste, this initiative will protect our waterways, our natural resources, and public safety and health.

Clean California will also help drive a cultural shift in shared responsibility for the cleanliness of our roads through waste prevention education campaigns that focus on proper waste disposal and the impact of waste on resources. natural, waterways, public safety and health.

Caltrans collected 270,000 cubic meters of waste in 2020, enough to load 18,000 garbage trucks. Clean California will remove an additional 1.2 million cubic meters, or 21,000 tonnes, of waste from state freeways annually, the equivalent of filling the Rose Bowl three times, or enough garbage bags to expand from Los Angeles. At New York.

Click on here to view Caltrans images and video of the Clean California event.

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