Chapel Hill ISD Board Calls for $125M Bond Election for May Election

From Chapel Hill ISD

SMITH COUNTY, Texas (Press Release) – On Monday, February 14, 2022, the Chapel Hill Independent School District Board of Trustees voted unanimously to call bail totaling $125,240,000 for the May 7 election, targeting improvements for all campuses.

If the bond passes, the current debt service fee of $0.11 would be increased by $0.3482.

The bond package is comprised of two proposals that include a new junior high campus, a new career and technology education facility, a mixed-use activity center, a new transportation and operations facility and further improvements to the facilities of all existing schools.

Chapel Hill ISD School Board Chairman Les Schminkey said: “It has been 15 years since the community of Chapel Hill voted to adopt a bond. In the fall of 2021, an assessment of our facilities was completed by the Texas Association of School Boards Facilities Services (TASB) and reviewed by the Long-Term Facilities Planning Committee comprised of community members and staff from the district. The committee came up with a facility master plan in December that got us to where we are now, calling it a bond. »

The proposals are part of a list of project recommendations presented by the Long-Range Facilities Planning Committee to the school board in December 2021. The committee of approximately 50 local citizens and staff reviewed an assessment of all facilities of the district that was provided by Texas Association of School Board Facilities Services. The committee recommended safety upgrades and renovations to aging student facilities to accommodate the continued growth of student programs, extracurricular activities, fine arts, athletic programs, and the high school’s new educational model called the Academies. of Chapel Hill.

The outline of the proposal:

new college

Build a new junior high school on its own campus with adequate area, traffic, access and facilities. The maximum capacity is 800 students.

New Operation and Transmission Facility

Build a new operations facility and relocate the following departments to the new facility: transportation, maintenance, infant nutrition, grounds, shipping and receiving, including offices, stores, warehousing, fueling, car wash buses and parking.

New Center for Vocational and Technological Education (CTE)

Build a new CTE facility to replace the current CTE facility, with upgraded classrooms and store spaces for the 13 career programs offered by Chapel Hill ISD.

Renovate office and library, add walkway to Kissam Intermediate

Renovate the current library space to allow construction of an updated campus entrance with improved security features. Build a new and improved driveway for parent pickup with improved circulation. Renovate administrative offices to build a 21st century media library.

Build new classrooms, renovate office and gymnasium at Wise Elementary

Build six new classrooms connected to the main building to improve campus safety and security. Renovate the gymnasium to increase its capacity and improve student toilets and storage. Renovate the school entrance and administrative offices with a secure entrance and a waiting room.

Build new classrooms, renovate gymnasium at Jackson Elementary

Build six new classrooms connected to the main building to improve campus safety and security. Renovate the gymnasium to increase its capacity and improve student toilets and storage.

New multipurpose activity center

Build a multipurpose facility to provide accessibility for district programs to use. The proposed plan would accommodate the continued growth of extracurricular activities, music, drill team, cheer and accommodate over 500 student-athletes including football, softball, baseball, soccer and athleticism.

The district plans to hold its first virtual meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 17 for members of the English-speaking community and at 7:30 p.m. for members of the Spanish-speaking community.

Voters living within the constituency boundaries can vote on two ballots in early voting from April 25 to May 3, or on Election Day, May 7.

On Tuesday, February 15, information will be posted on the district bond website:

For more information, contact Belen Casillas, Communications Director of Chapel Hill ISD, at (903) 566-2441.

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