Children will imitate your health habits


Oscar Wilde said imitation was the sincerest form of flattery. Not always.

While it may seem cute when your little ones emulate your behavior, there’s nothing cute about the result if they emulate your bad habits – and they’re just as likely to do that as they are adopting the good ones.

When the researchers followed 400 children and their mothers for five years, they found that mothers’ eating and television viewing habits had a direct impact not only on their own weight and health, but also on weight and level. activity of their young children.

The study, published in the journal Obesity, found that mothers who watch 130 or more minutes of television per day are more than twice as likely to have overweight or obese children as mothers who are less sedentary and whose children, coincidentally, spend more time. outside.

They also found that active moms tend to follow a diet with a fair amount of fruits and vegetables, instead of fatty meats and highly processed foods. In turn, they have young children who eat healthy foods and are able to maintain normal weight.

So parents adopt a more active lifestyle, less sitting and a healthier diet. Do it for yourself and your children.

Sedentary and obese children are well on their way to premature chronic disease. Don’t make them pay a high price for your personal neglect.

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