Christmas gifts for mom – 10 ideas she’ll love

Whether you’re her kid or her partner, shopping for mom can be tough – that’s why we’ve created this list of creative and useful Christmas gifts for mom that she’ll love.

Why is it so hard to find Christmas gifts for mom? As a mom myself, I would say it’s because I don’t spend a lot of time brooding over my own wants or needs. More from exhaustion than from maternal martyrdom, I’m not sure what I like apart from black leggings and ten minutes of peace. If your mom or your partner is the same, I’ve made a list of my own favorites and I want this holiday season in the hopes of helping you (and my husband).

From clothes and beauty items to relaxation and personal care items, here is my list of Christmas gift ideas for mom that she will love.

Our 10 best Christmas gifts for mom

bella dahl clothes

Vanessa Berger takes advantage of Bella Dahl

We recently discovered bella dahl and have been living in their shirts ever since (seriously – we have three identical shirts in different colors, it’s a wardrobe staple now). Ever since telecommuting started and the kids had to stay home with me, dressing has kind of been a thing of the past. When we venture out, the aforementioned black leggings and the required Target t-shirt are my uniform. While there is nothing wrong with this mom uniform, it does become a bit of a letdown after a while. This is why we love bella dahl. Not only are their pieces soft and comfortable (not to overdo the buzzword buzzword, but these pieces are really buttery sweet), but they instantly enhance your outfit and make you feel together.

A Los Angeles-based company, they’re as committed to comfortable fashion as they are to sustainable business practices (which is important). “While we aim to create beautiful pieces, we also favor ethical practices and thoughtful choices to help reduce the impact of our clothes on our planet, ”explain the founders. We love them buttons down, but you can explore the collection on your own to find your perfect addition to your Christmas gift list for Mom.


As much as I love mum’s wine culture, I just don’t like it. As such, SipC has become my favorite drink for the holidays because it’s alcohol-free (and hangover-free) while providing similar relaxing effects with a sophisticated taste.

SipC offers two styles of non-alcoholic drinks: SipClean and SipCozy. I prefer SipCozy, a CBD infused one rosé that gives a cozy and holiday mood. SipClean is also excellent, as an alcohol-free canned wine, as good at home as it is on the go.

“Driven and owned by women, we aim to help women feel good when they consume an adult drink: a drink with fewer calories, less sugar and no hangovers,” explain the creators. “Alcohol-free wines offer a healthier choice for those concerned with their well-being.”

Manne Kadar Beauty

Manna Kadar Beauty offers both makeup, gifts, accessories and sets for every type of woman. If your wife loves makeup, Manna Kadar’s items would make great Christmas gifts for mom. I personally hope that my husband, or should I say Santa Claus, will put one of the Mixing sponge with cat holder in my bottom. You never have enough blending sponges, and we always need a stand to hold them. New makeup brushes are also always welcomed. If you need gift ideas for mom that she’ll love, check out this Set of 9 brushes.

Boobguard Ballsy

Christmas gift ideas for mom

Boobguard can make your mom smile like this.

Ballsy’s Boobgaurd Cream is one of those products that I’m not sure how I lived without until I found it. I breastfed for 42 months combined, and Boobgaurd made my life significantly More comfortable. What is that? Boobguard is a soothing cream that dries quickly in a no-mess powder form to help fight sweat, odor and irritation on the breasts and thighs. If you have a woman who is a new (or new) mother, slipping one of those bad boys into her stockings will show her that you You understand, which in itself is the best Christmas present of all. Definitely add it to your Christmas gift list for mom!


Living by the beach, a good bathing suit is a struggle all year round to find. Like many moms, I’m always on the hunt for a swimsuit that looks good, feels secure, and makes me feel good. You wouldn’t expect it to be a difficult task, but anyone who has had multiple Cesarean sections like me knows that finding a swimsuit that meets all three of these demands is much harder than it should be. This is why a piece of Swiminista is on my list of Christmas gifts for mom that she will love.

Swiminista is a supported swimsuit designed to move, designed to complement the body. Created by the founder of Rock and Republic Andréa Bernholtz, these swimwear were designed with the aim of giving women the confidence to celebrate their own bodies while reducing the impact of swimwear on the planet, using luxury recycled fabrics to create its entire collection.

FluffCo pillow

Like many moms, I have trouble sleeping. Maybe it’s the baby years permanently ingrained in my sleep schedule, or maybe it’s the biological urge to wake up to the slightest noise, whatever it is, it’s boring and I don’t. don’t like it. Moms want to sleep. the mothers need to sleep. And while sleep is not something we can just give a person, it is something we can help.

What a lot of people don’t realize (myself included, until a very thoughtful gift from my husband) is that to get a good night’s sleep you need a good pillow. Sleep is vital, so the pillow you sleep on should reflect this importance. FluffCo has pillows that do just that. From fluff to fluff alternative, you’ll find the best Christmas gift ideas for mom by browsing the FluffCo website! You don’t usually think of investing in a really nice pillow, which is why it’s the perfect gift for the mom who has it all and has pride of place on our Christmas gift list for mom.

Amass Four Thieves Candle

AMASS Botanical Lotion + Candle

Amass is one of our favorite brands, so it makes sense that we add part of their catalog to our list of Christmas gift ideas for mom. Why do we love him so much? Because it’s a local business that’s run and founded by badass women.

“AMASS was born out of a desire for everyday, plant-enhanced pleasures,” says founder Morgan McLachlan. “Our line of botanical drinks and personal care products are designed for times of celebration and personal care. They are a way to connect, both with others and with ourselves. Hope our products provide a connection for all your upcoming happy hours and evening rituals.

With no artificial preservatives or unnecessary chemicals, just about everything in AMASS is a winner. But this holiday season, I’m going to narrow my wish list down to two things: the Four Thieves Candle and Four Thieves Lotion (or, if you love your mother very much, give her everything Together thick as thieves). Moms love a good candle and a delicious lotion, and these two are some of the best!

Waphyto Regena Toner

Continuing this flow of self-care gift ideas, skin care is always a great idea when it comes to filling out Mom’s Christmas list. It’s always fun to try new skincare products, especially when it comes to luxury skincare. Waphyto is a Japanese brand founded by women that combines the best of Mother Nature with the latest biomethodological advances to create great skin care. We love a good tonic lotion, especially on busy days when we need a few seconds to cool off. Waphyto Regena Toner is our new favorite because not only does it deeply hydrate, but it smells great delicious.

TheraOne Recover CBD Lotion

Being a mom hurts. Literally. My back hurts all the time from the constant running and the human jungle gym role for two very rowdy toddlers. The only thing I have found to really relieve my aches and pains is CBD Lotion, a magic elixir made from hemp that always does exactly what I need.

Buying CBD, however, can be tricky due to over-saturation of brands in the market. When choosing a CBD gift voucher for your mom, you want to make sure that the brand you are buying from is of high quality, free of unnecessary fillers, and third party lab tested. TheraOne Recover CBD Lotion is one of our favorites. A Refreshing and regenerating CBD lotion, TheraOne helps relieve pain, discomfort and tension with USDA Certified Organic CBD and nourishing and restorative all-natural essential oils.

TribeTokes Disposable CBD Vape Pen

While we are on the subject of CBD, I would be remiss if I did not include TribeTokes Disposable CBD Vape Pen. Relaxing, low-key, non-intoxicating, this is a great gift for a mom overdue for a bit of R&R. As a disposable pen, it is an all-in-one device with one button, so it is easy to use even for the most novice vaping beginners. A fan of indica through and through, I recommend the Northern Lights strain. Known to soothe the mind and relax muscles, it’s great for sleeping – and we all know how much sleep is on our Christmas gift list for mom.

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