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Some thoughts on the cancellation of this year’s Christmas parade:

First, for those who don’t know, the parade is not hosted by the city or county, although it is called the Owensboro-Daviess County Christmas Parade.

It’s organized by a group of volunteers who fundraise to stage it and do all the work.

Second, the Christmas parade is iconic.

It had been held every year since 1937 until the coronavirus pandemic canceled it last year.

But the parade association said on Wednesday that “our expenses, of which we have to collect every dollar ourselves, have increased by 25-30%, our expected income has fallen by more than 80%, the number of volunteers has fallen to only a handful of people who will guarantee parade day attendance and public support vigorously opposed the planned event. “

And so, the parade was canceled.

Yes, Facebook lit up last month when the committee announced an “inverted parade,” where floats and marching bands stood still and people walked around and watched.

It was a way to reduce the size of the crowds – which had been estimated at around 20,000 in the past – as the coronavirus is still rampant.

It would have been different, okay.

The past parades lasted nearly two hours, with Santa Claus bringing up the rear.

I don’t blame the volunteers for getting tired of the reviews.

But remember, the RiverPark Center, Greenbelt, Smothers Park and many other innovations came under fierce criticism when they were new.

Obviously, something must be done if the parades are to continue for another 84 years.

And almost everyone who has attended a Christmas parade with a child has fond memories of it.

If we want the streets of downtown to be filled with happy people celebrating the arrival of the Christmas season, we have to take the parade seriously.

I saw several posts on Facebook where people said they would willingly volunteer.

But they didn’t know that volunteers were needed – or needed.

The parade association must solicit volunteers and train them before next year.

And surely there are people in the community who can help with fundraising.

Volunteers have put a lot of time and effort into this parade over the years.

And they need to know that we care and appreciate their efforts.

If it is a community event, the community needs to get more involved.

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