CHS alumnus publishes book on new motherhood


By Candace Paris

This story originally appeared in the September 23 edition of the Canton Citizen.

New parents are typically proud and excited about their babies and their change of status. In the first few months, very few, however, are even able to consider starting to write a book about the experience. Emily Krueger Malaquias, who graduated from the CHS in 2008, is an exception. Her baby, Coral Lucia, is 8 months old, and her new book, … said the new mom, is one month old.

Emily Krueger Malaquias with her new baby, Coral Lucia

Now a resident of Bellingham, Malaquias has a passion for books and reading. “I love the power of books,” she said. She herself has enjoyed writing for a long time, but other than a few blogs in college, she hasn’t had many opportunities to write. After majoring in hospitality at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, she embarked on a career in this field after graduation, first in Boston and then in Philadelphia. When she realized the job wasn’t right for her, Malaquias turned to health and wellness.

Working at Anytime Fitness Canton, Malaquias loved helping people become healthier. She wanted to find other ways to provide support and decided to write a book on health and wellness, but wasn’t sure how best to approach it. This book took a back seat after Malaquias gave birth in February.

While dealing with her newborn baby, she had “a lot of self-doubts” and wondered how other women were feeling. After meeting friends, Malaquias noticed that those with children had the same concerns. She started to write some of their comments on what a new mom was. Inspired by the cult children’s book for adults Go the F ** k to sleep by Adam Mansbach, she structured the quotes into a whole. Her husband and friends, including Cece Belfon-Childs, also from Canton, supported and assisted her in the writing process.

Working with a book design company, she was linked with an illustrator in Las Vegas, Geo Aquino. Malaquias said the work to complete the book was a “fun, collaborative process.” She used Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, which meant that from start to finish, the book only took six months, much faster than the traditional publication route.

In addition to caring for his daughter and working as a personal trainer, Malaquias takes care of all the marketing of the book, using social media and reaching out to area libraries with programs for young children. She has benefited from relationships established through Boston Business Women. One helpful tip she received was to build a brand because, she said, “I knew I wanted to write more books.”

Her brand, “Sweet Kind and Wonderful”, is also the name of her blog and derives from a phrase her mother, Marianne Krueger, often used with her children and their friends. Malaquias noted that he expresses his goal of “creating a community of people with positive attitudes, sharing down-to-earth wisdom and trying to be better.”

Malaquias hopes her book will be one that other mothers keep and perhaps can make their own by adding notes and comments. Although the format of the book is that of a children’s book and appeals to young children, its main target audience is new mothers. A book for fathers, … said the new daddy, is currently under development; both this and the health and wellness book are expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

Getting the first book into the hands of new mothers is a top priority, Malaquias noted. She donates copies to the maternity ward of the hospital where she gave birth and plans to connect with other hospitals as well. The book is currently for sale on Amazon, and she is working to get it into local bookstores and gift shops. She said it was well received: “Every person said they loved it, and moms say they really identify with the trip and love the end.”

Malaquias will be doing a book signing at the Bellingham Public Library on Monday, October 4 at 9:45 a.m. during Baby Time.

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