Commission hears proposed purchase and repurposing of Ministry of Health building | Local News

On Thursday evening, the Hamblen County Commission received a proposal from the Hamblen County Department of Emergency Communications to purchase and repurpose the Hamblen County Health Department building if it were to be replaced with a newer facility. , as proposed by the State.

Hamblen County has been identified by the state as eligible to receive a U.S. bailout-funded replacement to improve services in the county. The financing would require a 25% match, capped at a maximum of $1,137,500, which was proposed to be paid by Hamblen County 911 in exchange for the building. HCECD Director Eric Carpenter was on hand to make the case to the commission and said more space is badly needed to fully accommodate the operations of their E911 efforts.

“We think this is not only an amazing deal for the county, but also a great deal for Hamblen County 911,” he said.

Carpenter said the swap would allow the county to get a new health department building without using money from fund balances or raising taxes, solving problems for E911 caused by space constraints as well. that provide room for future growth and would allow the sheriff’s office to use the current operations center for future use. He called it a “win-win-win”.

“I think that’s a win,” Hamblen County Mayor Bill Brittain acknowledged, “I think that’s what’s best for the public safety community as a whole.” It will serve them well for 30 years.

Brittain said the long-term positive impact makes the proposal attractive and said it was the best use of the space currently occupied by the health department.

The Board has voted to proceed with the replacement of the health service facility and to initiate a request for quotation for a real estate consultation to begin the process of evaluating options for a new building location.

Karen Nunan, president of the Hamblen County Genealogical Society, was at the commission meeting to present to the commission a history book compiled by the group. Nunan said they worked hard to put together the stories contained in the tome.

“The result is this beautiful blue and gold book with 297 pages, 600 photographs and several hundred articles about life in Hamblen County,” she said.

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