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City council has called for further discussion on how $ 26 million in appropriations from the city’s first half of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) will be spent on five local projects.

The item was taken off the calendar by board member Steve Madison who called for further discussion.

“A comprehensive strategy and some priorities seem like a better way forward,” said Deputy Mayor Andy Wilson.

The use of ARPA funds is retroactive to March 3. All funds must be committed by December 31, 2024.

“I’m afraid this process will become politicized if there is some sort of guardrail,” said board member Felicia Williams. “I think the finance committee should review this. There are time constraints here.

The board agreed to recognize the revenue and approve three recommendations:

• $ 350,000 would be allocated to the FY2021 operating budget for the city’s public health response to the COVD-19 pandemic, including staff and support for contact tracing and immunization clinics. The fund would support expenses that are not funded by grants and are not FEMA eligible.

• $ 250,000 would be allocated to improving public health buildings as part of the FY2022 capital improvement program. The ministry is to reallocate the old laboratory space in the public health building to accommodate staff back to the office. The department does not currently have any grants or funds to pay for this work and it is an eligible expense as part of the ARPA public health emergency response.

• $ 475,000 would be allocated from the Fiscal Year 2022 operating budget to rehire three Pasadena Convention and Visitors Bureau staff and implement a tourism stimulus plan to benefit the business community as a whole, including including hotels and restaurants.

The council did not vote credits which would have allowed:

• $ 623,000 to be used to compensate for revenue losses resulting from support for restoration in the public right-of-way. This would have supported the waiver of all meal-related charges in the public right-of-way for fiscal year 2022. The funds would have been disbursed to:

a. Sidewalk Meal – $ 163,000 (General Fund)
b. Street food – $ 272,000 (general fund)
vs. Old Pasadena Counter Fund – $ 184,000
re. South Lake Street Meter Fund – $ 4,000.

• $ 2.6 million would have been used to offset all general fund operating budget adjustments approved between March 3, 2021 and June 30, 2021 that negatively impact the fund balance.

“It is important to note that all current and future budget items are based on provisional guidance provided by the US Treasury Department and that guidance is expected to be refined over the coming months,” according to the staff report.

“While staff don’t expect the guidance to become more restrictive, officials at all levels have strongly insisted on fewer restrictions, mainly in the areas of debt servicing and fiscal reserves. The ability to use funds in either of these categories would provide immediate financial benefit to the City, ”the report says.

As part of the approval schedule, city council also:

• Modified the operating budget for FY2021 by $ 1.5 million to reflect unforeseen changes to the adopted budget.
• Authorized the City Manager to enter into a one-year, $ 91,250 contract with Intelltime Systems Corporation for software maintenance and support for the city’s virtual scorecard interface.
• The City Manager also received approval to enter into a $ 204,000 contract with McCain Inc. for a traffic light safety improvement project.
• The City Council also passed a resolution authorizing the City Manager to perform the certifications and insurance and authorized agent forms required to submit a grant application for the Low Carbon Transit Operations Program at Caltrans. .
• A fiscal year 2021 Capital Improvement Program budget amendment allows the City Manager to execute all agreements associated with receiving Road Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) Cycle 10 funds administered by through the Caltrans division of the local assistance program, including program supplement agreements. a framework agreement between the City of Pasadena and the State of California; and the adoption by resolution of the draft list of the Road Repair and Liability Act (SB1).
• The Board also approved the award of a $ 1.8 million contract to LDV Inc. for the purchase of a mobile operations center vehicle.
• The municipal council has also adopted the physical security plan for the public services of the water and electricity service. Recognizing the threat to electricity distribution facilities and the risk of long-term power outages, the California legislature enacted Senate Bill 699 (SB 699) in 2014. SB 699 ordered the CPUC adopt rules to identify and address physical security risks for distribution. systems of power companies.
• City Manager Steve Mermell has been authorized to enter into a $ 2,798,516 contract with Creative Home / DBA Chi Construction for the installation of ductile iron water pipes at Arroyo Parkway.
• The general service contract with Los Angeles County was also renewed. Since 1977, the city has had a general service agreement with Los Angeles County. This “framework agreement” is a prerequisite for the provision of services provided to the city by the county. In the past, these services included the inspection of bridge construction, material testing, geotechnical studies, maintenance of traffic lights and lampposts in shared facilities, cleaning of catch basins in the dry and wet season and other miscellaneous services. The county bills the city for services provided at rates set annually by the county auditor.
• City Manager Steve Mermell was also authorized to enter into a $ 4.825 million contract with Toro Enterprises for annual city street resurfacing and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) improvement programs.
• A six-year, $ 1.4 million contract with prudent aggregate procurement to provide city-wide uniform rental services has been approved.
• City Council also approved a payment of $ 251,000 to Southern California Edison (SCE) for an amount not to exceed $ 251,302 for the emergency replacement of three current transformers on transformer bank # 2 at the TM Goodrich receiving station.

Two local residents were returned to local committees by a general vote. District 4 candidate Kevork Keushkerian would return to the Human Relations Commission, and District 7 candidate Jonathan Levy would return to the Environmental Advisory Commission. Both renewals would come into effect on July 1.

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