Crack the code for healthy eating!

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Lupine Aptivate Achchi Bhook School Foodie Quiz 2022: Crack the code to healthy eating!

Updated: 17/11/2022

India’s biggest food quiz ended with a resounding success on November 5

This quiz was meant to encourage kids to adopt healthy eating and mindful eating

New Delhi (India), November 17: A food quiz is an innovative way to help children adopt healthy eating habits, thanks to the curiosity it arouses in them for the world of kitchens. With this in mind, Lupin’s Aptivate – Natural Appetite Stimulant has partnered with HT School and Slurrp to host the 2022 Lupin Aptivate Achchi Bhook School Foodie Quiz. Designed for students in grades 1-6, this is of India’s largest food quiz. “A quiz for children, focusing on food, was a great initiative. This is in line with our brand vision of helping mothers feed their children nutritious, home-cooked foods and build appetites for the right kind of nutritious foods,” says Anil Kaushal, Head of Lupine Consumer Healthcare. Business.

The quiz was split into two rounds: the preliminaries, held asynchronously online on November 30, and the finals, hosted over Zoom on November 5 and moderated by three prolific quiz masters from across the country, Dr. Navin Jayakumar, Mr. Avinash Mudaliar and M. Meghashyam. Chirodkar. The winners of this quiz, which saw more than 10,000 entries from across the country in the preliminary round, will be announced on November 9 on the official website.

“We are thrilled to be part of a quiz that has had such massive turnout. Also, the participants’ overflowing enthusiasm and knowledge about food and its various aspects made us all the more motivated to work harder. towards our Aptivate brand vision of building the acchi bhook – the hunger for nutritious homemade food. Our association with this quiz has given us a better direction towards that goal. I’m sure kids and moms alike he team learned a lot of amazing and fun food facts on this trip,” says Kaushal.

The Lupine Aptivate Achchi Bhook School Foodie Quiz 2022 has been designed to help children understand and enjoy the food they eat by taking them through a plethora of interesting facts. This nationwide team quiz, which allowed children and parents to play together, strengthened their bond while taking them on a journey through the captivating world of food. The icing on the cake is of course the prizes worth 2.5 lakh up for grabs. In addition, all participants will receive digital certificates of participation.

Lupin’s Aptivate as a brand is committed to developing acchi bhook in children so that they have healthy growth during the growing years. It is an Ayurvedic syrup that helps develop the appetite and allows moms to offer healthier, homemade alternatives. A journey through the world of kitchens and an insight into the different aspects of food through a quiz is the right step in this direction. That’s why the Lupine Aptivate Achchi Bhook School Foodie Quiz 2022 has covered topics like cuisines of the world, science behind food, different types of diets, food and nutrition, food sources, facts foods, food groups, Ayurvedic foods, diet and health, food history. , and the origin of food.

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