Creating healthier eating habits for the mother who survives on her children’s wine and leftovers

Maternity is incredibly busy and it can be difficult for mom to find the time to take care of herself. She doesn’t seem to be doing the same activities she once did, she seems to be going more time without a shower than ever, and getting a healthy meal can be difficult.

It’s often that we hear stories from mothers of how they end up eating their child’s leftovers instead of making their own nutritious meal, and washing it all down with a glass of wine to help them settle down. loosen. While many moms can relate to this, it’s not exactly ideal.

Moms deserve to have a healthy meal, and something to drink other than wine (even if she loves it). Mom deserves to be healthy and take care of her body and mind, and only by doing this can she ensure she is in her best shape to take care of. her children, which is probably her main priority.

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It can be tricky to put down the leftovers and make your own plate, but it can be done. We’ll see how moms fall into this trap, and what they can do to escape it.

Why Leftovers?

If you don’t understand why you only eat your child’s leftovers or why other moms do it, it can be helpful to understand what makes moms make this decision. According to Momspresso, the simplest answer is that it doesn’t take that long. It’s faster for mom to get food by eating what’s left for her kids. As we mentioned, being a mom is exhausting, and sometimes moms just take the easy route instead of what’s best for them.

Moms may also not like food being wasted. They don’t like to see their kids leave food behind, and they really don’t like tossing everything in the trash. That means she eats it, so it’s not necessarily wasted money. A quick way around this problem is to serve your children smaller meals and only give them more when they’re done.

Meal preparation

Lots of moms try to cook meals, but that’s something else that takes a lot of time. Fortunately, there is a certain way to prepare your food that may not be as labor intensive and can help you make healthier choices. According to MSU, planning ahead is the best way to make healthy food choices and find the time to eat them. It might be a bit of work for an hour or two each week, but it will save you time every day.

When you do your shopping, give yourself a few hours when you return. Buy airtight containers and immediately wash, cut, and prep any produce you buy. Slice your cucumbers, strawberries and melons and place them in these containers. You can do this for all your ingredients, and that way snacking or preparing a meal later in the week just got a whole lot easier.

keep it funky

When it comes to drinking, water can seem so boring to many people, and that’s why they don’t drink enough. If mom needs more hydration in her life (which she probably does), she should consider treating herself to a cool bottle of water. It may sound silly, but having a water bottle that you love that works for you can help you drink more water. Keep going all day and set yourself a water goal. When you reach it at the end of the day, treat yourself to that glass of wine or other treats of your choice.

Remember “The Rule”

What can often happen when mom tries to eat super healthy is that she might do it for a while and then she falls off the wagon. The goal is to change a lifestyle, not just a fad, and moms can do that by remembering a rule that many nutritionists follow. According to A Mother Far From Home, the rule is 80/20, and mom should remember that.

This means that 80% of what Mom eats each day should be nutritious, but the 20% may be all she ends up eating. It’s a realistic balance to have when trying to eat healthy, and it’s sustainable. You may end up snacking on your child’s leftovers from time to time, but keep in mind that you deserve a wholesome, healthy meal, too.

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