Dengue Drive: MC, Health Department at odds as threat looms in Patiala district – Reuters

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Patiala, July 17

While the threat of dengue fever is significant due to waterlogging and rainwater accumulation on government and private properties, the lack of cooperation between Municipal Corporation and Department of Health personnel appears have become a major obstacle in the fight against the spread of the disease here.

The city witnesses a large number of dengue fever cases every year due to waterlogging. To resolve the issue, the Deputy Commissioner’s Office, during review meetings, had instructed the Municipal Health Branch and Department of Health teams to conduct a joint property inspection, notify the collecting rainwater and emitting challans.

Department of Health officials said today they had issued nearly 600 advisories, while MC officials said they were awaiting the list of advisories issued in June and July to issue new challans.

Epidemiologist Dr Sumeet Singh said the Ministry of Health launched the “Dry Day Friday” dengue awareness campaign on April 22 and issued a number of challans. “Since then, we have regularly organized the drive. So far, we have posted nearly 900 notices across the district, including the corporate and council sectors. A majority, almost 600, of them were issued in Patiala Urban (town).

Health officials said their department and MC teams were told to stage a collective campaign, but the latter did not join them on the campaigns.

Dr. Jasvir Kaur, Health Officer, MC, said that they have organized vector-borne disease prevention campaigns, including the distribution of incense sticks. She said they had imposed challans after receiving a list of notices issued by the Ministry of Health to properties after finding larvae.

“But we received no notifications in June and July. We wrote to the civilian doctor’s office to send a copy of the notices issued,” she said. The MC regularly sprayed anti-larval chemicals in all areas, she added.

City commissioner Aditya Uppal said the company is carrying out regular activity to prevent the spread of dengue fever.

No challans issued in June & July

  • Health and MC teams have been tasked with carrying out a joint inspection of properties, notifying rainwater harvesting and issuing challans
  • The health department said it has so far issued 900 advisories across the district, including business and council areas.
  • MC officials said they did not receive notice for June and July. The Challans were only released after obtaining a notice list

To work in pairs

We sprayed anti-larval chemicals and started misting in various areas. The Health Dept and MC teams are working in coordination. — Aditya Uppal, City Commissioner

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