Divorce is actually good

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Republican Senate candidate from Ohio, JD Vance, is a jerk in many ways, and on Monday he added another to the list: during a conference at Pacifica Christian High School in Southern California , Vance suggested that people should stick to “unhappy” or “perhaps even abusive” marriages, for the sake of the children.

“That’s one of the big things that I think the sexual revolution has pulled on the American population, which is the idea that, ‘Well, OK, these marriages were basically, you know, maybe they were even violent, but they were certainly unhappy,” Vance said, in a report published by VICE. “And so getting rid of that and making it easier for people to change spouses like they change underwear will make people happier in the long run.”

The real divorce problem in Vance’s mind? It fucks the kids. “Maybe it worked for moms and dads, although I’m skeptical, but it really didn’t work for the kids in those marriages,” he said. “And that’s what I think we should all be honest about is that we’ve been running this experiment in real time. And what we have is a lot of very, very real family dysfunctions that make our kids unfortunate.

It’s true: children are unhappy. In March, the Centers for Disease Control found that more than a third of high school students reported “poor mental health” during the pandemic. Almost half (44%) said they “constantly” felt sad or hopeless. In the same study, 55% reported experiencing some form of emotional abuse from parents or an adult at home, while 11% reported physical abuse. LGBTQ children experience “higher levels of poor mental health, emotional abuse from a parent or caregiver, and suicide attempts than their children.” [heterosexual and/or cisgender] counterparts”, according to the CDC.

And it’s just related to the pandemic. We don’t have enough words on the internet to adequately detail what it’s like to grow up doing mass shooting exercises over and over – so much so that children react faster to mass shootings than adults.

What about the burning planet that we ruin to line the pockets of the few greedy, already ultra-rich? Sure, the kids aren’t well, but it’s not because their parents divorced. In fact, forcing a child to witness a miserable, toxic, potentially abusive marriage day after day would arguably be far worse for their mental health and emotional development than running away to a healthier situation.

Vance is full of bullshit. Divorce. Leave your man or wife or enby and run for the hills, especially if they abuse you or someone in the house. The reason children are not doing well is because their parents don’t have access to adequate health care or a bountiful salary. Children are not well because their schools, malls and parades do not feel safe. The children are not well because they have to run away from home to their parents are not accused of child abuse.

Divorce allows people to move on with their lives whether or not there are children involved.

VICE has kindly released a video clip of the interview. Enjoy it? Endure it.

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