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Dixon City Council will consider a consultant at Tuesday’s meeting to explore the initial tasks to meet the state’s goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions over the next four years.

According to a staff report from Director of Public Works Louren Kotow, the article is based on Senate Bill 1383, which was enacted by the government of the day. Jerry Brown in 2016. The legislation established methane emission reduction targets as part of a statewide effort to reduce emissions of short-lived climate pollutants and directs the Department of Resources and state recycling, also known as CalRecycle, to pass regulations related to statewide targets.

These include reducing organic waste disposal statewide by 75% by 2025 and recovering 20% ​​or more of edible foods currently disposed of and directing them to human consumption.

“Compliance with SB 1383 will require the City to develop commercial and residential organic waste collection programs, new municipal codes and updates, edible food recovery programs, procurement mechanisms for products to recycled content eligible for SB 1383, the application and penalties of the diversion and recycling of organic waste mandatory. ”Kotow wrote. “The effects of this unfunded mandate will require substantial changes to the City’s solid waste management and recycling programs and processes. It also requires changes to solid waste collection practices, which are contracted under the solid waste franchise agreement with Recology. “

To streamline the project, Kotow wrote that it will be split into two phases. The first will be to hire a consultant under a professional services agreement to perform a compliance gap analysis to identify any gaps in programming and resources, write an implementation plan to guide the city towards compliance, prepare draft ordinances and policies for submission to the board for review and provide an educational presentation to the board on initial and future tasks.

The second phase would include a resource gap analysis to make additional recommendations for staff resources and programming, analysis of potential rate changes to fund a SB 1383 compliant program, review of the City contract with garbage collections to determine necessary adjustments and develop a comprehensive implementation plan. as well as an education and awareness program.

For the first phase, Kotow wrote that the city had selected Roseville’s R3 Consulting Group, Inc. for consideration by the council.

“R3 is a leading management consulting firm specializing in solid waste,” she wrote. “R3 has helped municipalities across California assess their existing solid waste agreements and negotiate new ones, and has extensive experience working with Recology. “

Kotow wrote that R3 would work with the city to analyze compliance gaps in its current programs, with the end goal being to create a program that complies with current legislation while being cost effective for the city’s taxpayers.

“Given their extensive and recent experience in assisting many jurisdictions in the planning and implementation of SB 1383, they understand the importance of prioritizing each of the requirements and are adept at guiding municipal agencies through them. many requirements of SB 1383, ”she wrote.

In other business, council will consider a resolution approving Dixon’s pyrethroid management plan and vote on appointments recommended by Mayor Steve Bird to the Parks and Recreation and Transportation Advisory Boards.

The council will meet on Tuesday at 7 p.m. The meeting can be accessed via Zoom at Us02web.zoom.us/j/9886211137?pwd=R2dxZ3RkbU9SQXdlUVllRkc0QlQwZz09 and by teleconference at 669-900-9128. The meeting ID is 988 621 1137 and the passcode is 604754. Members of the public can comment by using the “Raise Hand” feature on Zoom or by pressing * 9 during a conference call. Questions can also be emailed to [email protected]

An earlier in camera session will be held at 6:30 p.m. to discuss legal issues.

This meeting was originally scheduled to be held in person for the first time since March 2020, but officials wrote in a press release that replacing the council chamber air conditioners is taking longer than expected, so the meeting will be held. virtually instead. Authorities plan to reopen the chambers to the public from the August 10 planning committee meeting.

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