Dr. KaNisha L. Hall appreciates the opportunity to touch lives

Photo courtesy of Deira Lacy

Dr. KaNisha L. Hall is an anesthesiologist, sexologist, addiction medicine counselor, published author, and media personality. She is proud to be an alumnus of Howard University and an advocate for HBCU. Hall lobbies to end health care disparities and advocates for women’s health rights.

Tell us about your trip. What has changed for you with the advent of COVID?

One of my favorite places is labor and delivery, where I do epidurals for women as they are about to allow life into this world. This place has been a safe haven for me to remind myself that no matter what, these babies are coming. There is an even greater new level of caution as sadly we are now seeing COVID positive moms and waiting for their brand new babies to see if they are going to test positive or not. It’s a whole new world out there. I so value my opportunities and my ability to touch lives and be part of this health care system. But it changed my way of practicing. Every day I literally see life and death. I see people being born. And I see people taking their exit. And it’s difficult, but I do my best to do self-checks.

What should the black community do to address manageable illnesses or weight loss?

I love that people want to know what they should be doing, not just about COVID, but how to be better and how to be healthier. We had an entire panel to talk about food, desserts and how we can incorporate food markets and black-owned grocery stores and fresh produce into these food desserts to help people live healthier lives. , and I feel like there’s a drive out there, and there’s a desire to be better.

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