Eco-Friendly Gifts for Mom This Mother’s Day

Alex Crane

Brooklyn-based label Alex Crane’s ‘Campo’ sweater is a spring-ready classic, crafted in a very modern way.

The Campo sweater is 3D knitted in St. Louis, MI using 100% pure, unbleached Italian merino wool. 3D knitting reduces textile waste, as only the necessary material is used, and would create a more durable garment with a stronger weave and fewer seams.


Osea Undaria Seaweed Body Butter is thick, luxurious and effective. It is part of a new line of products featuring algae in skin care.

California-based Osea was one of the first companies to sign the Compact for Global Production of Safe Health and Beauty Products, an initiative of the Environmental Working Group, which aims to ensure products are “free from known chemicals or strongly suspected of being dangerous”. causing cancer, mutation or birth defects. For twenty years, the society has lobbied for safe skincare, meeting with lawmakers in Washington DC and Sacramento. Additionally, OSEA is Climate Neutral certified, working with a non-profit organization Climate Neutral to offset their greenhouse gas emissions. In 2020, the company offset 100% of its carbon footprint and continues to do so every year. Finally, they support various non-profit organizations working on regenerative agriculture and clean oceans.

So buy mommy’s beautiful skincare, but know that the mother-daughter duo behind Osea are also working to make cleaner products for people and the planet.

almond cow

If mom is experimenting with the milk of her choice, Almond Cow makes it easy to make plant-based milks without additives, flavors and gums. Plus, leftovers – such as cashew, coconut, almond pulp – can be added to recipes, resulting in very little waste.

It’s not just good for making milks: the Almond Cow website has dozens of ideas for drinks, dips, soups that can also be made using the device. Although it’s a somewhat expensive initial investment, it allows for customization and fresh homemade milk – and some fun in the kitchen.

Magic Hour Matcha Tea Set

Zhena, a Roma from Ukraine, runs Magic Hour in Ojai, a a women-owned, operated and managed tea business that aims to create safe spaces for women through tea circles. Magic Hour hosts virtual tea ceremonies with thousands of women around the world. A supporter of the fair tea movement, she is careful to source teas, including organic ceremonial-grade matcha which comes in a gift box with an artisan whisk, handmade bowl and matcha spoon – a beautiful luxury for mom to start day with.


Made with organic cotton sourced from Indian cotton farms and produced in a Fairtrade-certified factory in the country, Pact’s new ribbed collection – which also includes matching leggings – is a wonderful addition to mum’s spring wardrobe. It is comfortable, practical and ideal for the warmer days ahead. Colorado-based Pact has been making everyday staples from organic cotton, working only with fair trade factories for years with the goal of making everyday staples eco-friendly.

Lady Falcon Cafe

A specialty coffee company founded and run entirely by women in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset neighborhood, The Lady Falcon Coffee Company is launching three new cherry coffee and tea blends – Chai, Hibiscus and Rose Petal – featuring cherry dried exterior of the coffee tree. Combined with organic flowers and spices, these teas are grown, sourced and crafted by women.

Founder Buffy Maguire began discovering tea made from coffee plants and its benefits on sourcing trips. Sometimes called cascara (not to be confused with cascara sagrada, she notes), this tea is made from the outer pulp of a coffee cherry and is said to be packed with antioxidants. Brewing it is an ancient tradition in Yemen, Ethiopia and other coffee-producing countries, she says, where drinking coffee cherries mixed with spices as a tea is more common than drinking coffee itself. Its cascara teas come from a coffee producer in the Nicaraguan mountains. And she says they’ll give mom a boost of energy, but won’t affect her sleep because they’re low in caffeine.


Biom, recently launched, is a company of biodegradable wipes. If mom loves all things clean and sleek, she’ll appreciate Biom’s aesthetic, as they’re debuting storage containers sleek enough to sit on your counter. Combined with Biom’s vision to replace plastic-based wipes (yes, many commercial cleansing wipes are made with plastic), they are 100% plant-based and biodegradable, made with only natural ingredients.

Biom has partnered with Plastic Bank, a non-profit association committed to reducing plastic waste: each Biom product contributes to the company’s annual commitment to prevent 45.5 tonnes of plastic from entering the ocean, the equivalent of 2.27 million single-use plastic bottles.

Being transparent, they are also actively working to produce our dispensers from recycled ocean plastic. This requires a commitment to purchase pellets in large volumes; as the company grows, this becomes possible.


For moms looking to make the switch to a zero-waste bathroom, these solid shampoo bars from Grove have something for her and her little ones. Grove’s Peach Not Plastic collection was launched in October 2020. Now they are launching the Peach Kids collection as part of Grove’s comprehensive plan to be 100% plastic free by 2025. What is essential is that these shampoo bars work and adapt to all different hair types. types. Plus, they have a selection of multi-purpose bars that double as shampoo and soap! So if mom wants to simplify her (and her family’s) bathroom regimen, this is a simple and budget-friendly addition. Store them away from water and they will last for months.


If mom needs a new bottle/mug to go, California Miir just launched a Climate+ collection that contains 25% less stainless steel, no virgin plastic, and 110% of its carbon footprint offset. Available in a tumbler (12oz/16oz) or wide-mouth bottle (20oz), Climate+ is made of ultra-lightweight 18/8 stainless steel with Thermo 3D double-wall vacuum insulation and a 100% recycled and recyclable food-safe lid . An added benefit is that the designs are also lighter. And of course, all Miir products are 100% BPA free.

MiiR is a Certified B Corporation, 1% for the Planet Member and for the second year in a row, a Certified Climate Neutral Brand. All MiiR products contain a unique donation code, allowing customers to connect to the company’s seamless donation initiatives. To date, MiiR has given more than $2.6 million to 200 organizations working in 20 countries for social and environmental change.

Spring & Mulberry

New North Carolina-based food company Spring & Mulberry grew out of two women who had careers in the corporate sector, including working for other notable food brands, but wanted to start their own business. Their first product is a date-sweetened chocolate bar that comes in a variety of flavors, including unique flavors such as Mango and Urfa Chili, and Lavender, Bee Pollen, and Rose Petal. After battling cancer, co-founder Kathryn Shah wanted to find treats that were healthier for her while also being stylish and indulgent. Having not seen a date-sweetened chocolate bar on the market, she teamed up with Sarah Bell to create bars that are visually delicious and yet made with very few simple, high-quality ingredients that the duo take time to create. to find. Mom will certainly appreciate this luxurious chocolate – and her health too.


This set of trays and cups is made from a plant-based material that is not only biodegradable, but also dishwasher and microwave safe. Bamboozle experimented with alternative materials to see how cookware can decompose faster. Their latest, this Astrik material, is designed to decompose in 2 years, consisting of 85% plant materials and 15% bamboo fibers. In comparison to other bamboo-based materials (which also decompose, but take 20 years to do so), this time frame is much shorter. Despite their biodegradability, they hold up well and can be useful for outdoor events, picnics, etc.

united by blue

This is UBB’s first line of GOTS-certified organic cotton denim. The organic wide leg jean is especially versatile for spring with warmer days and has just a touch of spandex for an ideal fit. Available in white or classic denim. B Corp. Philadelphia-based United by Blue disposes of one pound of waste for every product sold and conducts regular litter cleanups in nearby communities, as well as sending kits nationwide for people everywhere to join in removing the plastic of our public. the spaces.

Organic Skin Co.

The Organic Skin Care Co., a New Zealand-based skincare and makeup brand, offers products not only made with organic and clean ingredients, but also CO2 extractions, a technology that uses carbon dioxide pressurized carbon to extract the desired phytochemicals from the plants, resulting in a higher concentration. , whole and pure ingredients than conventional extractions. All of their packaged products, including this daily moisturizing ritual, are packaged in recyclable glass containers with bamboo lids (which can be composted in your garden, if desired).


For moms who like to keep it simple and minimal with their makeup, this limited-edition palette includes three new shades and three best-selling shades from Ilia’s Multi-Stick. The creamy, multi-use formula can be warmed up with your fingers and applied to lips, cheeks and eyes. Bonus: The mirrorless palette is easily recyclable through normal curbside service and uses clean ingredients like shea butter, avocado oil, and orange peel wax.

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