EDITORIAL: Raise your hand and volunteer


This newspaper has people calling over and over again and saying “We need to do something about _________!”

You can fill in the blank.

But this editorial isn’t about what’s wrong with our community. These are solutions.

One of the key ingredients of any successful community are those who are willing to work together for a common good without pay. They are called volunteers.

At a time when everyone seems to have their hands on and demand more. It is good to see those who come forward with joy, do the work and then quietly go back to their normal lives, asking for nothing and expecting no recognition.

Volunteering historically reflects the highest values ​​of a democratic society, in that regardless of situation, position, age, race, creed, anyone can volunteer and thus reap the benefits. rich rewards that flow from helping others.

American communities such as Clarksdale, Friars Point and Jonestown are made up of individuals and groups eager and willing to volunteer. These people and organizations have a knack for bringing people together in response to a critical need. They bring a better quality of life to their city. They make us all proud to call these places our home.

They also show us that it is still possible for people – from all walks of life – to work together for the betterment of our community. They show us all how to get things done.

We believe it is everyone’s social duty to volunteer at some level.

It could be as easy as cookies for a school event. Maybe it’s devoting two hours a week to helping a local charity or civic organization. Perhaps it is digging deep and offering a generous donation of your time and money to your church or favorite cause.

We applaud those who have the heart of a volunteer. Your work or name may never be recognized in this document, but your efforts will never be forgotten by those you have helped.

Look around Clarksdale. There is a lot to do in our city and our community.

Pick a project, then raise your hand and volunteer.

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