Emergency crews and nonprofits continue to clean up after storms


HICKMAN CO. (WSIL) – Residents and first responders in Western Kentucky are still cleaning up the damage after storms last week.

“The tornado arose and hit a small community in our county called Oakton Kentucky and from the Oakton Kentucky diagonal straight to the city limits of Clinton,” said Justin Jackson, county emergency management director. by Hickman.

Jackson says tornado EF-1 left extensive damage and responders are working around the clock.

“We had several places where the tree grazed the roof, had torn a hole there. We had a house with trees completely on the roof. We had several, as I said, that had flat roofs that required our recovery team. and some of the volunteer organizations that come into the county to start roofing those roofs, ”says Jackson.

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One of those volunteer teams was The Bread of Life Humanitarian Effort and they are still doing what they can to help the residents.

“A lot of people don’t have insurance. A lot of them are old people who can’t do it on their own or don’t have the money, so we just walked in. We’re here to help. help them do anything, ”he says. Volunteer David Meeks.

Meeks says they’ve been helping with the cleanup since Wednesday and are just happy to make a difference.

“These nonprofits were very vital to us. They were the stars during it all. They were there all the time to focus on our priority list,” adds Jackson.

“We are fortunate to be able to help. I am 75 years old and some of us are older than me. We have three children with us today and the father. The Bible says you have to help people in need, and that’s what we do, ”says Meeks.

Jackson says they’ve had at least three stages of nonprofit organizations to help emergency crews with cleanup efforts. The crews hope to have completed their priority list by the middle of the week.

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