Emporiki Eisagogiki Aftokiniton Ditrohon kai Mihanon Thalassis Societe Anonyme: MOTODYNAMICS and MAXIMA INSURANCE profess their support for the firefighting effort of the Krioneri Volunteer Civil Protection Service

MOTODYNAMICS and MAXIMA INSURANCE profess their support for the firefighting effort of the Krioneri Volunteer Civil Protection Service

Athens 31.05.2022 – Motodynamics | SIXT and MAXIMA Insurance Ltd. have teamed up to provide the Krioneri VCPS with a specially modified four-wheeled firefighting vehicle to support the firefighting efforts of the Civil Protection Service’s volunteer infrastructure and ultimately to contribute to the timely prevention and deterrence of fires in the peri-urban forest of the Tatoi estate, the wider area and the municipality of Dionisos.

The delivery of the vehicle was carried out at the VCPS facilities in Krioneri, in the presence of the Mayor of Dionisos, Mr. Giannis Kalafatelis, by Ms. Maira Passia, Director of General Affairs of Motodynamics, Mr. Giorgos Livaditis, Director of SIXT Division of Motodynamics and Ms. Vasiliki Morfi, Managing Director of Maxima Insurance Ltd.

Mr. Giannis Kalafatelis, the Mayor of the Municipality of Dionisos, said accordingly: ‘On behalf of the Municipality of Dionisos and all its inhabitants, I would like to thank Motodynamics | SIXT και MAXIMA Insurance Ltd, who as part of their corporate social responsibilities, joined forces and provided a specially modified firefighting vehicle to the Krioneri Volunteer Civil Protection Service. It is quite encouraging that in these difficult times there are companies that really support the active associations and bodies of our municipality, so that they can also contribute to the civil protection service, in order to effectively protect the natural habitat. , people’s properties and ultimately human lives. We thank you once again.

Motodynamics Information

Motodynamics represents Yamaha MOTOR Co. Ltd. in Greece, Romania and Bulgaria, as well as Porsche AG and SIXT SE in Greece. It also operates in retail with Motodiktio and Motodirect. Listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 2005, Motodynamics employs more than 230 people. Its turnover in 2021 amounts to 94.7 million euros.

For more information, please visit: www.motodynamics.gr

Information about SIXT

SIXT has been one of the largest providers of mobility services, both for short-term car rental and long-term leases, for businesses and individuals. In Greece it has been operating since 1998 while since 2018 it is part of the Motodynamics group. With branches in major airports and tourist locations, SIXT is at the forefront of industry developments, offering a wide range of vehicles (Sport, Sedan, SUV, Luxury, Pick-Up, E-Vehicles and more) .

For more information, visit: www.sixt.gr

Information about MAXIMA Assurances Ltée.

Maxima Insurance is an insurance/financial services and consulting company, offering premium products and services across the entire insurance industry.

For more information, go to: www.maximamainsurance.gr/

Information on the Krioneri Civil Protection Volunteer Service.

The volunteers have been acting since 1989, while in 2014 the VCPS of Krioneri was officially founded. Currently, with a fleet consisting of 7 vehicles and 40 volunteers, the VCPS is able to intervene against forest fires both between the limits of the municipality of Dionisos and outside it.

For more information, visit: https://sppek.org/

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