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What there is to know

  • Share a photo of your pet until October 21
  • Donation of $ 15; donate through Pasadena Humane’s Facebook post, then post your pet’s photo and name in the comments
  • A Pasadena Humane volunteer will illustrate your animal, in Halloween costume, and post the digital portrait

If you’re obsessed with your bunny, pooch, kittens, or turtle, you’ve probably put their likeness on paper over and over again to charm a parent, child, or friend.

Did the likeness of your lover really represent his spirit? Did you manage to creatively capture their appearance? Maybe, maybe not. But your delicious drawings were surely full of charm.

Pasadena Humane’s latest fundraiser has a lot of that spirit and charm, and the name of the return effort says it all – also hang a sweet piece of art.

How it works: You’ll donate, then share a photo of your pet on this post.

The gift for a single work of art? It’s $ 15.

Pasadena Humane volunteers will then draw and post a digital portrait of your baby, looking creepy and adorable in some sort of Halloween costume or seasonal setting.

The spirit of the project? Only this: not all animal illustrations should be considered a masterpiece, or what would be considered a masterpiece by a large number of people.

On the contrary, the money raised will help the animals and you will be able to enjoy a cute, even “perfect” digital portrait of your pet posted on the centre’s social networks.

“Maybe you will have one of our extremely talented artists, but no promise of our artistic abilities!” is the cheeky and cheerful message from the Pasadena Humane team.

Pasadena Humane’s team shared that the wacky but heartfelt idea was inspired by the Wisconsin Humane Society and the BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore.

Can you buy multiple portraits? Absoutely. Find the details here, then donate to Pasadena Humane, via the Donate button on the centre’s Facebook page, by October 21.

After you donate, simply post your pet’s name and photo in the comments.

Good to know?

There is a cap on the number of creatures that can appear in a photo. It would be two pets, so your favorite image. the one with 14 furry cuties from the dog park? Better to skip that shot and find a great shot of one or two animals, posing nicely together.

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