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Employees at the utility company Evergy are supporting the community’s efforts by volunteering as part of an annual initiative that has been running since last week.

Power Company Impact Week began on September 20 and will end on October 1. She has been a critical part of the company’s community outreach mission in previous years.

“Many employees volunteer year round in various organizations and efforts, but this is an effort to show and recognize our contribution to the community that we do throughout the year,” said Dan Hegeman, senior director of northern district community affairs for Evergy.

The company signed up 300 employees for various Impact Week projects, the largest of which was volunteer work at the Second Harvest Food Bank, as well as beautification projects such as cleaning and repainting.

“Our employees, as a whole, volunteer over 20,000 hours per year and donate over $ 1 million of their own money to our own community,” Hegeman said. “We have people who work year round with Noyes Home and various agencies, and many of us serve on volunteer boards to help the community in that capacity.

It’s been almost a month since Evergy sent employees to Louisiana to help with the power restoration efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. Hegeman said these workers returned from the New Orleans area. Evergy employees worked alongside utility company Entergy to repair lines that had been knocked down by a Category 4 hurricane with sustained winds of 150 miles per hour.

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