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Fit Body Boot Camp is set to open on September 24

Posted at 5:05 p.m. on Monday, September 19, 2022

By LIZZIE BOWEN | Personal editor

PELHAM – A new business is coming to Pelham with the goal of bringing health and fitness back to the community.

After 10 years as a nurse, Morgan Feltman decided to make a change by opening her own business focused on health and fitness. This has led to Fit Body Boot Camp, which is set to open on Saturday, September 24 with an opening event from 8 a.m. to noon.

“I just fell in love with helping people get healthy again,” Feltman said. “It was extremely fun to be on the preventative side. Because the answer to all preventable disease is diet and exercise.

Feltman said she believes the Shelby County community, and specifically Pelham, can be helped by Fit Body Boot Camp.

“The goal was to help our community,” Feltman said. “After further research, the need was definitely there.”

Feltman said many members and customers have lost touch with their fitness journey due to COVID.

“COVID has set us all back a bit,” Feltman said. “I think the community as a whole is ready to get healthy again. I talk to so many people who think “it’s time” and are ready. I think that’s what Fit Body will bring to this field. This will bring a global approach to well-being.

Fit Body Boot Camp offers nutrition coaching and accountability coaching.

“I often hear that people don’t have the motivation,” Feltman said. “The motivation is not sticking. Habits remain. So you must have habits that outweigh your motivation. That’s where that responsibility comes in. Our coaches train you on the pitch, but they also motivate you on the pitch.

Attendance is taken through the Fit Body Boot Camp software and appointments are made for coaching sessions through the Fit Body app. Accountability coaches call to check in with clients on where they are on their fitness journey.

“That’s where this relationship comes from,” Feltman said. “Nine times out of 10, we’re all more likely to do something for someone else than for ourselves. That extra voice helps.

Boot camp sessions at Fit Body Boot Camp are very intensive workouts that last 30 minutes.

“Our sessions are designed to put you in a fat-burning state for up to 32 hours after you leave,” Feltman said. “After a run, your body only burns fat for a maximum of two hours, even when running a long distance. When you combine cardio training and strength training with certain rest intervals, your body can burn fat for up to 32 hours. For this reason, we recommend our members come at least three if not four times a week just to see the results. But our subscriptions always cover unlimited sessions.

The $35 “Founders Rate” is available through Fit Body’s official opening date on Saturday, September 24.

“At the inauguration, there will be a designated person to register members at this rate,” Feltman said. “After the inauguration, the rates will increase.”

According to Feltman, the best part of this job is seeing clients begin to regain their self-esteem.

“I love seeing the look on a member’s face when they regain their confidence,” Feltman said. “You start with this goal of ‘I should be that number on the scale’ and it’s not that. It’s about how you feel about your body and about feeling good about yourself. Shape physics and health do that, it changes people’s lives.”

Feltman has seen a change in her own children and their desire to pursue healthier lifestyles.

“Just like a nurse and a mother, I’ll tell you the ripple effect of this is watching your kids look healthy,” Feltman said. “My children want my salad. They want my healthy food and it’s because they see mom doing it. My children know what is healthy and they are toddlers. Helping moms and dads see that it matters.

Feltman thinks finding people who also pursue fitness and physical activity is the best way to stay accountable.

“Surrounding yourself with a community of like-minded people is everything,” Fetlman said. “Surrounding yourself with people who do what you want to do is the only way to succeed. It’s a huge mindset shift. »

Feltman thinks Pelham’s location is perfect and will suit everyone in the Shelby County area due to its ease and accessibility.

“It’s a catch-all,” Feltman said. “A large percentage of our customers are Helena, Pelham and Alabaster, we are here where they all connect. It hits a lot of places that have nothing like it.

A workout event was held for prospective future clients on Saturday, September 17 at 8 a.m. at Fun Go Holler Park to provide perspective on the type of workout services offered by Fit Body Boot Camp.

Fit Body Boot Camp is located at 337 Huntley Pkwy. More information can be found at

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