Fresno organization offering free fitness classes

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — For many, the pandemic has taken a toll on our overall well-being, and that includes being less physically active.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released a new report that shows around 25% of adults don’t do any physical activity outside of their normal job.

California’s inactivity rate was similar, between 20% and 25%, raising concerns about a variety of health impacts.

Exercise and getting people moving are things that Jennifer Parra is passionate about as coordinator of Every Neighborhood Partnership (ENP) in Fresno.

“So three years ago, ENP, we started a neighborhood fitness department, where we trained moms and dads in the communities to teach dance fitness for free,” Parra shared.

The organization works with families to adopt healthier lifestyles through movement. Dance and fitness classes are available throughout the city.

“We’re still doing it now, even though it’s through Zoom during the pandemic. So we’re doing it now in inner cities,” Parra said.

The organization also hosts Saturday Sports, a two-hour program giving children and teenagers access to different physical activities.

“It gives them a safe place to go on weekends and just offers them activities and food,” Parra said.

The ENP also works to bridge the physical, health and social disparities that exist in the city.

Parra said it was important for residents to have access to physical activities, parks or anything to improve their overall well-being.

“Especially during this time that we’re going through right now with the pandemic and everything,” she said. “It’s so important to keep us healthy.”

ENP’s goal is to continue to expand its services to other parts of the city and rural areas of Fresno.

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