Gavin Newsom Recall: Rescue California Document Shows Recall Supporters’ Strategy To Beat CA Governor


SAN FRANCISCO – With the recall election of California Gov. Gavin Newsom almost inevitable, supporters of the effort have now entered what they call “phase two” of the campaign – the period they hope to end the job and successfully remove Newsom from the desktop.

ABC7 News was first to get a 12 page document which describes how “Rescue California,” one of the groups behind the recall, hopes to do it.

The forward-looking document, which has been circulated among some high-level Republicans and potential donors, and confirmed by “Rescue California,” shows an ongoing campaign to weaken Newsom and generate support for the recall through a variety of strategies. Among them, create a “Citizen Volunteer Brigade” that will identify potential supporters, “collect” Republican votes, and target Latino, APPI and independent voters.

The group also said it plans to create a “Remember CARE FOR KIDS” campaign to distribute backpacks and school supplies in neighborhoods whose schools are most affected by the pandemic and school closings. Anne Dunsmore, campaign manager for Rescue California, later told ABC7 News that this would be handled by the Recall Gavin 2020 campaign, not Rescue California.

The total proposed budget for their efforts: $ 15 million.

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“While candidates will necessarily spend millions promoting themselves, Rescue California will be the unified campaign effort to get the YES vote in favor of the recall,” the document said.

According to the California Secretary of State’s office, supporters of the recall submitted 1.719 million verified signatures – nearly 225,000 more than the amount needed to qualify. There is now a 30-day period during which people can withdraw their signatures, but supporters and detractors of the recall are operating on the assumption that it will be eligible.

An election is likely to happen this fall.

On the ballot, voters will be asked two separate questions. First of all, do you want to remind Governor Newsom, yes or no? And second, if Newsom is recalled, who would you like to replace him?

For Newsom to win, more than 50% of voters must vote “no” on the first question regarding the recall. Recent poll from California’s Public Policy Institute shows that the recall would fail with 56% of voters likely currently against.

This is where Rescue California comes in. The group says it plans to focus only on getting more people to support the recall – and here’s how.

‘Brigade of volunteer citizens’
According to the document obtained by ABC7 News, Rescue California is in the process of creating a “Citizen Volunteer Brigade” made up of the vast network of volunteers built during the signature-gathering phase of their campaign, which included 5,000 regular volunteers and up to 20,000 on weekends. The document states that the “ultimate success” of their campaign will depend on this group of volunteers and their ability to execute an “unprecedented campaign material distribution, ballot collection and GOTV campaign”.

Members of this team will distribute palm cards, bumper stickers and information materials at 800 permanent reminder kiosks across the state and hundreds of other temporary locations, including fairs and exhibitions. gatherings. The group also plans to distribute at least half a million signs statewide in hopes of “deterring opposition and building continued enthusiasm for the recall.”

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“Collection of ballots”
Rescue California says that a primary goal of their “Citizen Volunteer Brigade” will be to do targeted “levies” of Republican voters in all 58 counties to create a “massive GOP participation advantage.”

“We will reach out to the state’s 5.3 million Republican voters through door-to-door canvassing, text messages, emails, emails and phone calls to ‘harvest’ the ballots, creating a wave of GOP capable of overcoming the advantage of registering Democrats in the state, ”he added, the document states.

“Collecting the ballots” is a term used to describe a law that allows third parties to collect and deliver the ballots. It’s legal in California, but Republicans have denounced the practice. During the 2020 presidential campaign, President Trump tweeted: “UNVEIL THE HARVEST OF BULLETINS, IT’S RAMPING FRAUD.”

Despite opposition from the GOP, Republicans in California have resumed the practice in an effort to match their rivals. In last year’s election, the California Republican Party set up its own ballot boxes in counties where US House races were hotly contested, including some that were labeled “official ballot boxes.” . California officials have called on Republicans to remove the ballot boxes, saying only county election officials can set up official ballot boxes.

Identify Independent, Latino and AAPI Voters
Rescue California says its group of volunteers will focus on identifying independent (or “no-party”) voters who might support the recall. They say 25% of voters who signed the recall petition were not affiliated with any party.

“Identifying convincing independent voters and getting them to vote is a crucial part of our plan.” the document declares. “Using data from our public opinion poll, we will create a comprehensive database of independent voters and their top issues.”

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The group also plans to target Latino voters statewide. (Experts predict that Latinos will play a key role in determining the outcome of the race and will likely be about a fifth of all voters in this recall election.)

Rescue California says it has “identified a large number of regular Californians willing to tell their stories about Gavin Newsom’s failures,” which they plan to feature in media appearances and commercials. “The face of the recall will be as diverse as that of the state and decidedly non-partisan, with a particular focus on Latino voters,” the document said.

A more recent version of the document also states that Rescue California will target AAPI voters and plans to spend $ 1.3 million on Latino and APPI outreach. “Both have been harmed by Newsom’s economic shutdowns and are open to recall,” the new document said.

‘Newsom Truth Squad’
The document also says Rescue California is assembling a team of non-partisan elected officials to act as the “Newsom Truth Squad” throughout the campaign. This group will be made up of county supervisors, mayors, city council members, sheriffs and district attorneys. “These officials will check Newsom as he campaigns and alert the media to blatant exaggerations and lies,” the document said.

Fund raising
The document states that, overall, their entire projected budget for the coming months is $ 15 million. For comparison, Rescue California reported making $ 2.182 million during the filing period between January 1, 2021 and March 31, 2021.

A second version of the document explains how the money will be spent: $ 130,000 for public opinion polls, $ 1.3 million for outreach to Latin American voters and the AAPI, $ 2 million for public opinion polls. targeted digital communications, $ 2 million for targeted Republican “vote harvest”, $ 6 million for targeted television ads, and $ 800,000 for radio ads.

The handout also includes an initiation for supporters to attend a fundraiser at the homes of prominent Newport Beach donors, Buck and Colleen Johns, on Thursday, May 20 at 7:30 p.m. The flyer says the event will have an open bar, barbecue, and musical performances from Grammy and Platinum artists. Participants can choose between “The French Laundry Level” for $ 10,000 per couple, “Lockdown Level” for $ 5,000 per couple or “EDD Fraud Level” for $ 1,000 per couple. There is also a general participant ticket for $ 250.

In addition, on a separate page, there is a pledge form where volunteers and potential donors can join various committees and coalitions, including an “African-American Coalition”, “Hispanic American Coalition”, “Coalition LGBTQ ”,“ Victims of Crime / Coalition for Public Safety ”and“ Coalition for Small Business ”.

You can read the full document here.

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