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Go Fourth Lewes is excited to put our third 4th of July fireworks display on the books. It’s a lot of planning, a lot of money to collect and a lot of moving parts to manage, but seeing the joy of our locals and visitors is worth it! The magical moment when everyone fell silent to watch the first rocket explode and then started with the “oohs and aahs” fireworks display was quite special. We sincerely thank everyone who donated to gofourthlewes.org To fund our exhibit, read the tips on our website for getting to town and watching the fireworks, and patiently negotiating the crowds. It was truly a night to remember, as we emerged from a dark time to celebrate America’s birthday together, with fireworks and a brilliant community spirit.

We thank all town employees and first responders, professional staff and volunteers, who worked on July 4th to keep traffic flowing, keeping people safe and keeping Lewes clean on the busiest day of the year. This joint effort takes well over a hundred team members! Thanks to Chef Tom Spell of Lewes PD for planning and managing the logistics and the team to move incredible numbers of people in and out of the beach and downtown safely. This Herculean feat gets better every year! Many thanks to Rick Melendez and his Lewes Town Street Department team for removing trash from the beach and streets all day. We are always grateful to the excellent Lewes Fire Department who help us with emergency personnel and train a great group of volunteers every year. We could not have hosted this event without the logistical and public safety support from the Lewes Town, Sussex County Emergency Operations team and the individuals named above. Thanks to everyone who attends the Go Fourth meetings throughout the year, especially Lewes Mayor Ted Becker who coordinates so much for the big day, and Betsy Reamer of the Lewes Chamber of Commerce who serves as secretary for this. group.

We couldn’t do this without our generous donors, who are listed on gofourthlewes.org/2020-21-donors and thus enjoy the annual DQ Dash, organized by Ashley Diehl and the Seashore Striders. This event raised $ 9,000, although we weren’t 100% sure there would even be fireworks this year! Thank you to everyone who helped us make the 2021 fireworks display with your generosity. We hope you enjoyed the night as much as we did.

As we look forward to July 4, 2022, we also want to let Lewes know how our fireworks are planned and funded. 2021 has been an unusual year. We have followed our canceled 2020 fireworks with uncertainty, unsure whether we can continue until the restrictions on special events are relaxed in May 2021. Due to both time constraints and Due to the sensitivity to the financial difficulties so encountered last year, we have chosen not to make it a fundraising campaign or an advertisement. Fortunately, we did it with a basic push! We don’t want to worry about funds for next year. So, as we pay our bills for the 2021 fireworks, we are now looking for donations for 2022 to pay the down payments for next year’s fireworks. The fireworks cost over $ 75,000 which includes our fabulous Schaeffer Fireworks fireworks, the barge from which they are launched, the tugboat Grape Ape that safely transports the barge and the fireworks. firework from Chester, Pa., hands-on costs like emergency services and staff working the 4th. Otherwise, this is a volunteer effort, and we ask for your help, big or small, to make it fly. the fireworks over the bay every year. Go Fourth Lewes is truly a “For the People!” By the people! ”An event. We are not funded by the Town of Lewes, the Lewes Chamber of Commerce or any other agency. It’s just us, asking you to participate. Please visit gofourthlewes.org make a donation.

Russ palmer
event chair
Paul and Debra Evalds
Communication and public relations chairs
Go Fourth Lewes

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