Going out for a date night has its perks

Once two people have children, their whole life changes. Not only does it change, but it changes in an instant, and it can be a tough road to navigate. Both parents are exhausted, low on energy, and usually completely overwhelmed with parenting and managing other facets of their lives. This can often mean that romance can go out the window, and it can start to feel like it’s just two adults living together taking care of kids together.

This is just one of the reasons why date nights are so important in a relationship. Not only do date nights help keep the relationship strong, but they also benefit the children. When children have two parents who form a cohesive unit, they live in happier and healthier homes.

However, dating can often be easier said than done, and it can be difficult to find the time and energy to get out of the house. That means a lot of parents end up having a date at home after the kids go to bed. While that’s a great option, and certainly better than none, there are 10 reasons mom and dad need to get out of the house on a date.

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ten The obvious advantage

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The most obvious benefit of dating away from home is that you’re away from your kids. Okay, not too far, but you’re not in the same space. Even if mom and dad have a date after the kids go to bed, there’s always a chance they’ll wake up, need a drink of water, or have a bad dream, and that can put a damper on the evening.

9 Stay connected

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According to FFG Solutions, it’s always a good idea to go out for a night on the town, and it’s helpful for the connection between the two people. It is because you step out of any role you play in the house and become an individual again. You become a “wife” again and not just a “mother”.

8 You are more active

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An evening at home is usually filled with sedentary activities, and that’s fine once in a while, but it’s always good to be active. Even just going out involves a lot more physical activity than just putting on a movie. If you are going to dinner, take a nice walk afterwards or make an appointment for a hike.

7 More effort = More love

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When you plan dates away from home, it takes more effort. According to Our Relationship, when we see our partner putting effort into planning things for us, it can help build that connection and love. Mom and dad can take turns scheduling the date outside the house, and it can be a sweet way to remind them how much they are loved.

6 Communication is stronger

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When you take the date away from home, you’ll communicate more effectively. You will be able to talk and listen without a million thoughts in your head and it will strengthen the relationship.

5 Delete triggers

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While many people love their home and the family they’ve built, it can be a place of stress. When you go out on a date away from home, you are getting away from a place that stresses you out a lot. This is especially true if you’re going on a date because you’re particularly exhausted and need a break.

4 No cleaning

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Dating at home also comes with the added pressure of having to clean up afterwards. Whether mom is cooking dinner or ordering takeout, there’s always going to be a mess to clean up, and an out-of-home date completely takes that away.

3 Heart Growth Founder

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When you step away from home a bit, it can actually make you feel more grateful. You may start to miss your children and the stability of your home, and you may just come back with a pair of fresh, relaxed eyes.

2 now is your chance

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There aren’t many things you can do at home, but going on a date away from home opens the door to many more opportunities. According to Adelska, now is your chance to try that activity you’ve been wanting to do, but it’s not really kid-friendly. It can help develop the bond and just increases the fun of your relationship.

1 Model of Healthy Relationships

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Mom and dad model healthy relationships with their kids, and since there are so many benefits to dating and staying in touch with your partner, by leaving the house, you’re not only showing them what a healthy relationship looks like, but you grow that trust in them.

Sources: FFG Solutions, Our relationship, Adelska

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