Health Department, 11 variants of Covid have spread in Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram: The health department has informed that 11 variants of coronavirus have spread in the state. The Omicron variant was confirmed in 6,728 samples collected after last December. New XE, XH, HQ and Omicron BA.5 variants have also been confirmed in the state. 7 samples exhibited the XE variant and 8 samples exhibited the HQ variant.

After the third wave caused by the arrival of the omicron variant in January and February, the number of patients was slowly decreasing. In mid-March, the number of patients decreased and daily cases fell below 1000. This continued until the second week of May, but the number of cases has been increasing since during. Now the daily number of Covid cases exceeds 3,000. 3,198 cases were reported in the state last Friday. The only relief is that the variant that is spreading is not deadly and most people are properly vaccinated.

So far, 66.66 lakh Covid cases have been reported in the state. The death toll stands at 70,122. There are 28,021 people currently under treatment and observation. Several other diseases have broken out in the state, including rat fever, scrub typhus fever and tomato fever. Health Minister Veena George said on June 27 that 19 people had died of rat fever this year.

However, Health Services Branch records reveal that there are 25 deaths due to rat fever and 89 deaths suspected to be due to rat fever. The number of dengue fever deaths has risen to 28.

Alpha variant (B.1.1), Beta variant (B.1.351), Gamma variant (P.1), Delta variant (B.1.617.2), Delta plus AY.1 (B.1.617.2 + K147N), Omicron , Omicron BA.5, Omicron XE, XH.

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