Healthy on-the-go snacks for toddlers

If there’s one thing to know about toddlers and preschoolers, it’s that they always seem to be hungry. They always want a snack, and we often hear them asking mom for something to eat every 5 minutes. It could be because they are bored or because they are going through a growth spurt. Mom might not mind indulging in these snack requests, but she wants to make sure they are at least healthy snacks. They also want to make sure they always have a snack with them when traveling.

When mom needs to take a toddler anywhere, she will often make sure she has snacks on hand. This can be helpful in preventing temper tantrums and meltdowns in the grocery store or other public places. Something mom can quickly pull out and give to her child for a few extra minutes of shopping in peace. It can be easy to pack heavily processed snacks as they’re usually a lot easier, but if mom wants to make sure she has healthy snacks to go, she can try these 8 choices instead.

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8 Cereal

Cereals floating in milk
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Cereal is one of the easiest snacks on the go, and there are many healthy choices. According to Pampers, Mom can always make sure she has travel containers with cereal in it. Cheerios and Shreddies are some of the healthier options for cereal, however, whatever cereal mom chooses, she wants to make sure it’s low in sugar and contains whole grains to make it up. healthiest option.

seven Fresh fruits and vegetables

A bowl of fresh fruit
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Fresh fruit is always another great option, as it’s usually quite easy to transport. Mom can throw an apple, a banana or even a clementine in her changing bag for her child. When they start to get a little cranky, Mom can pull this fruit out and hand it to her child. Vegetables can also be transported quite easily. Mini cucumbers are a great snack, and a toddler will feel special holding a whole mini cucumber in their hands for a snack.

6 Applesauce

A bowl of applesauce
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Applesauce is a staple when it comes to a snack for kids, and since it’s 2021, they’ve been selling them in handy pouches. They even have some that contain more than just apples, like carrots and beets, and they can be eaten right out of the container, making them perfect to carry around. Mom will also need to watch the sugar content of these.

5 Mini Muffins

A row of mini muffins
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According to Yummy Toddler Food, mini muffins can be a great snack to take out in Ziploc bags, and the upside is that if you make them yourself, you can make sure they’re low in sugar and high in the good stuff. Mom can find endless healthy muffin recipes online that are packed with nutrients and vitamins.

4 Yoghurt drinks

A container of yogurt
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Yogurt is a great, healthy snack for toddlers, and mom can buy them in convenient drinking containers for a quick, easy on-the-go snack. This one might be a little messier than the others on the list, but if mom is feeling brave, this can be a great snack to throw in the diaper bag. Mom just needs to be aware of the sugar content and make sure it’s not too high.

3 Fancy “Chips”

A selection of crackers
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If you ask your toddler if he wants crisps, chances are they’ll say yes, but they don’t have to be processed and unhealthy kids. According to Baby Foode, mom can dress up whole grain crackers and vegetable crisps as “chips” and her toddler can eat them all. These can easily be placed in a Ziploc or a small container and they will be perfect to take out of your purse.

2 Cheese Strings

A collection of cheese sticks
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Cheese comes in all shapes and sizes now, and there is always a variety to choose from. They are high in calcium and protein and make a perfect snack in the car. Mom can get them in the form of cheese twine, cheese blocks, or even use the Babybel rounds for easy access. These will go great with the whole grain crackers mom also packed.

1 Dried fruit

A few dried apricots
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If fresh fruit seems too intimidating or messy, dried fruit is also a great choice. Dried apricots, dates, and raisins are all great choices, and your little one may even think they’re their own take on candy. If mom wanted to go the extra mile, she can even branch out and do a trail mix. Mom can add different nuts and other ingredients to make a well-balanced snack.

Sources: Pampers, Yummy Toddler Food, Baby Foode

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