Homestead Nutrition project in Hays wins grant

Press release

The National Association of Nutrition and Aging Services Programs announced 16 awards of nearly $50,000 in year-end grants to our members to address several distinct categories of need:

  1. Four grants to support diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives
  2. Three grants to address rising costs associated with inflation and supply shortages
  3. Five grants to support public-private partnerships
  4. Four grants to support in-person reopening efforts of group programs

The 16 grants were awarded to programs in 14 states; the majority of these grants went to rural programs. On average, 79% of participants in each program have the greatest social and/or economic need, as defined by the Older Persons Act. 100% of participants in five of these programs are in greatest need.

Linda Miller, Chair of the NANASP Board of Directors, said: “These awards are so indicative of the needs and resilience of members – they always bring in so little money.”

Bob Blancato, Executive Director of NANASP, said, “We are delighted to award these grants. They include support for initiatives such as:

  1. Conduct a community needs assessment and equity analysis
  2. Provide several programs with some inflation protection, particularly against increases in food and gas prices
  3. Pursue and expand several new and existing restaurant/supermarket partnerships developed during the pandemic
  4. Creation of a Latin lunch club
  5. Provide PPE and related supplies for reopening muster programs
  6. Providing buffalo meat to serve Lakota elders in South Dakota

In total, NANASP awarded over $100,000 in grants to members in 2021.”

Miller and Blancato also noted that all recipients have been notified of the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Older Americans Act nutrition program and that they expect some of these local programs to be featured in the festivities.

The programs funded by this initiative are:

  1. Fairfield County Catholic Charities, Bridgeport, CT
  2. Center for Workforce Inclusion Labs, Silver Spring, MD
  3. Healing Connections, Inc., Green Bay, WI
  4. Goodwill Industries of Western NY, Inc., Buffalo, NY
  5. Homestead Nutrition Project, Hays, KS
  6. Staten Island Meals on Wheels, Staten Island, NY
  7. Southwest Michigan Meals on Wheels, Benton Harbor, MI
  8. Meals on Wheels, Portland, OR
  9. Meals on Wheels Western South Dakota, Rapid City, SD
  10. People for People Meals on Wheels, Union Gap, WA
  11. REAL Services, South Bend, IN
  12. Rufty-Holmes Senior Center, Salisbury, North Carolina
  13. Senior Friendship Centers, Sarasota, FL
  14. Association of Six County Governments, Richfield, UT
  15. Southwest Human Resources Agency, Henderson, TN
  16. TVCCA, Jewett City, Connecticut

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