Huge pile of trash causing stench in Slavic village, health department issues notice of violation

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) — A huge pile of trash in the yard of a homeowner who lives in Slavic Village caused a stir in the community until 19 News’s recovery team got involved.

Neighbors living around Fleet Avenue where the trash heap decided to speak to the City of Cleveland and the Cleveland Department of Public Health after dealing with the issue for months.

Cleveland Trash Pile((Source: WOIO))

“This waste has been there for years. It smelled of old food, old furniture,” resident Darlene Bucha said.

Bucha lives right next to the trash can. It’s frustrating for her and for others.

“It stinks like hell,” said resident Shelly Stathis.

Cleveland Public Health Department officials confirmed to 19 News that they have received similar complaints from people living here.

Their team came out to see the mess. They tell 19 news, that’s when they issued a Notice of Violation to the owner.

“There were chairs there, tables, and it’s all in the dumpster now, all of that,” Bucha said.

We are happy to report that a few days after our calls and visit, the trash pile was cleaned up. We are trying to contact the owner.

On Monday, June 6, Cleveland Public Health Department officials returned to confirm the mess had been cleaned up.

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