I am no longer a Christian because they are all hypocrites AF

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These moms said BYE-BYE to Christianity for good

Religion has caused many more problems in the world than it has ever solved, Christianity in particular (* cough * colonization * cough *). While it can be nice to belong to a church and community that come together to worship one God, when that community excludes people from marginalized communities and exists only to advance patriarchy, well, these moms said “no thanks”. Ex-Christians come out of the woods to overturn everything in our confessional.

Perhaps you gave up on Christianity because you realized that the Bible was not, in fact, the book on which all American principles and laws should be based. Maybe you left because women can’t run your church. Maybe you left because Front Pew Pauline commits all kinds of adulterous sins while condemning the LGBTQ community.

Whatever your reason, you are definitely not alone. Sit back, relax, and enjoy these ex-Christian tea-spilling moms.

Confessional # 25853746

“My husband has a harder time than I do to move away from fundamentalism, which sometimes creates conflicts. I’m a liberal progressive Christian, he makes me feel bad about it when he can. if he dumps me, I’ll get half of everything and everything will be fine. scared.”

Confessional # 25848964

“Trying not to cry. Dh has become so obnoxious and mean about politics. I can’t stand it anymore. I wish I had never embraced Christianity / conservative politics as a youngster. wish I could leave but there is no way financially sad for my choices today.

Confessional # 25848398

“My aunt worked in parenting planning, she told me that conservative Christians are notorious for having abortions in secret – because of course these hypocritical assholes are!”

Confessional # 25848334

“I know I’m no longer a Christian, but I can’t tell anyone in real life. just glad we don’t do church anymore. so I’m just going with being a nominal Christian for now. it no longer makes sense to me. living in reality is more pleasant.

Confessional # 25847759

“This pandemic made me realize that conservative Christians are the worst and most hypocritical human beings to walk the earth. They are not pro-life. They are a literal death cult.

The pandemic that comes immediately at the end of the Trump era has absolutely shed light on the hypocrisies of the Christian right.

Confessional # 25846126

“Listen, dear Christians. We cannot proclaim the sanctity of life, or that we love our neighbor and then refuse a mask or vaccine that keeps vulnerable people alive. Everything else is a lie from Satan and you know it.

Confessional # 25844064

“No longer believe in right-wing Christianity. was heading more towards the agnostic. can’t say dh because he thinks everyone should be a Christian. we don’t do church so that’s a plus. we’re not really talking about it, so I guess I’ll stay in hiding for now.

Confessional # 25843919

“I feel like I’m no longer a Christian, but just believe in the positive teachings of Christ. we don’t go to church, and I love the freedom. I just can’t tell dh because he still thinks everyone should believe in God. I wish I could be free sometimes.

Is there anything sadder than women who have to hide their old Christian beliefs from their husbands? It is nothing short of tragic.

Confessional # 25825040

“Now that I have given up on organized religion and the American Church, I feel freer to read my Bible and experience the real teaching of Christ. i have more love and compassion for others now. so sad that evangelism was so toxic.

Confessional # 25810297

“To admit that I am no longer an evangelical xtien is frightening. still believe in a gentler, gentler god concept thanks to mr fred rogers and his testimony. I can’t say more about it. all red extreme conservatives. sad i used to be like that.

Confessional # 25799194

“Realizing that evangelical Christianity just doesn’t make sense anymore. never done. guiding children, dh already more than he will admit. teach children to question themselves and to do research on their own. religious grandparents don’t like it.

Confessional # 25793957

“To this day, I am not a Christian. Fuck the evangelical church.

A lot of people don’t realize that you can be spiritual and even believe in a version of God without having anything to do with Christianity. YOU CAN. YOU CAN TOTALLY.

Confessional # 25343034

“Try not to be judgmental. this is what I learned growing up in an extreme evangelical church. now i’m free, but i find it hard to break the habit of automatic judgment. know that i am much happier and open to people and the world now. happy to be free “

Confessional # 25295401

“Left religion behind, but still believe in the god of love / kindness. Realized how mentally exhausting evangelical Christianity is. I can’t tell parents they believe in hellfire etc. happy to live across the country. Leaving church has made me a nicer person. “

Confessional # 21889031

“I believe in Jesus – in private! I have a personal relationship with my savior. I see evangelicals today as the “hypocrites” who publicly pray for attention. These mega church leaders are the money changers that Jesus would throw out of the temple. “

Basically, whatever your reason for leaving, well done. It’s not easy, it’s probably a lifelong deconditioning process, and you will certainly be judged for leaving church. But isn’t that why you left in the first place?

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