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Following the resignation of two leaders of Gloucester’s health department last June, the city consolidated the acting appointments while seeking permanent replacements.

Deputy Director of Health Max Schenk will serve as Acting Director of Public Health as Karin Carroll prepares to leave on July 23. Public health nurse Kelley Hiland’s role will be split between school nurses Cindy Juncker and Bridget Nelligan.

The last day of Hiland is Friday July 16.

Dr Richard Sagall, chairman of the City Health Council, told The Times on Wednesday that although the city has published the post of director of the health department online, “the current plan is to suspend the posting of the post of ‘public health nurse until a director is hired. “

The responsibility of the new director, as defined in the city’s job description, “works under the direction of the Board of Health, ensures the protection of public health, the control of diseases, the promotion of hygienic living conditions and protecting the environment from damage and pollution. “

In addition, the director is responsible for researching, writing and implementing grants related to the achievement of community public health goals.

According to online job boards, the manager’s salary is targeted between $ 88,271.38 and $ 109,264.39.

Carroll and Hiland have led the charge against the COVID-10 pandemic for the city of Gloucester.

“It will be a blow to the Department of Health and the city they are leaving,” Sagall said at the last board meeting. “It has been a privilege to work with them and I will miss it. It’s someone else’s gain from Gloucester’s loss.

While their reasonings for leaving as the city still navigates a pandemic have not been made public, it was noted that Carroll and Hiland were pursuing other options.

Interim workers are no strangers to the Department of Health as Schenk has served as interim leader in the past and Juncker and Nelligan have helped in many vaccination clinics and served as contact tracers during the pandemic.

“The Board of Health looks forward to working with the Mayor and his administration to continue to protect the health and well-being of the residents of Gloucester,” said Sagall. “Gloucester has been a regional leader in many aspects of public health, including prevention and education programs, and we hope to continue this work. “

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