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  • Parenting has its challenges, but it’s even more difficult when a mother is HIV positive
  • Kolomani Nancy says many moms have slipped into depression as they struggle to find the balance between being a mom and protecting their kids from the deadly virus
  • She shared with Yvonne Kawira, Parental Editor of, the three stages of parenting for HIV positive mothers.

Evangelist Kolomani Nancy is a mother living with HIV. She learned of her status during her antenatal clinic.

Nancy Kolomani, mother living with HIV. Photo: Kolomani Nancy.
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The journey through pregnancy, childbirth and child care can be very difficult, especially for an HIV positive mother.

Nancy has come this way before and felt the need to help other mothers know how to deal with parenthood while living with HIV.

Depression and anxiety

She said being in this situation has caused so many moms depression because they are afraid their babies will get infected.

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“Being a parent while living with HIV can be an exciting journey because you are bringing a fourth new being into the world. That alone is a miracle,” she said.

After finding out she was HIV positive at her antenatal clinic, Nancy religiously continued with the clinics and started her medication as soon as the doctors recommended it.

She said the best time to start antenatal clinics after testing positive for HIV is during the first trimester.

The HIV activist emphasized a balanced diet. She said she took a lot of vegetables, especially kienyeji (native vegetables), and avoided too much red meat. She also takes a lot of water and fruit.

Mom also recommended exercise and staying in shape to relieve stress.

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HIV drugs for newborns

Nancy said during childbirth, when packing essential baby and mom items in the hospital, an HIV-positive mother should pack her antiretroviral therapy (ART).

These are recommended HIV medications for all people who test positive for HIV. ART are not drugs designed to cure HIV. They only help people living with HIV live longer and healthier lives.

In the seventh month of pregnancy, Nancy was given medication to give her baby an hour after birth.

This should be done before breastfeeding.

“HIV-positive mothers can give birth normally or by cesarean section depending on the progress of their labor and the baby’s position,” Nancy explained, adding that even HIV-positive mothers can breastfeed their babies.

She added that if a baby was born HIV negative, the drugs given at birth would prevent her from passing the virus through breast milk. Medicines should be given to babies continuously as directed by the doctor.

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“Motherhood is a gift from God whether you are HIV positive or not, appreciate it and appreciate it,” she said.

ARVs kept daughter and dad negative recently highlighted the story of an HIV-positive mother who said ARVs helped keep her daughter and daddy negative.

@Makhalimela_P on Twitter used the Bird app to share that her daughter is HIV negative while she is HIV positive.

She revealed in her responses section under the tweet that after six months of ARV treatment her HIV has become undetectable, which means it is also non-transmissible.

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