La Crosse Co. health department appoints new director


LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WEAU) – Audra Martine has been selected as the new director of the La Crosse County Department of Health. Martine is currently deputy director of the personal services department of the department of La Crosse.

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to join a team of dedicated and talented professionals in the La Crosse County Health Department,” said Martine. “The Department of Health has a fundamental role to play in building a vibrant, healthy and safe La Crosse County for all residents and I am delighted to support this work.

Martine grew up in Chaseburg and holds a bachelor’s degree in human services psychology from the University of Viterbo and a master’s degree in health and human services management and administration from St. Mary’s University in Minnesota.

She highlighted the continuing role of the Ministry of Health in managing the COVID-19 pandemic as a key priority as she makes the transition to her new job, but also highlighted the many other public services provided by the ministry. .

“Over the past year, COVID-19 has of course made headlines, especially as the Department of Health has become the primary public communicator on the pandemic,” Martine said. “But the Department of Health is doing so much more for our community, and as a director, I will strive to stand up for this work and the employees who make it happen.”

Services provided by the Department of Health include restaurant inspections, dental and immunization programs for low-income families, drinking water and groundwater testing, animal control, surveys on communicable diseases and many health education programs.

“As the pandemic has clearly shown, a robust public health system is essential, especially when it comes to supporting the most vulnerable members of our community,” said Martine.

She will succeed Deputy County Administrator Jane Klekamp, ​​who has served as Acting Director of the Health Department since Jen Rombalski left the post. Rombalski left in February to take a job with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

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