La Crosse County Health Department Hosts Collaborative Appeal Regarding Recent COVID Outbreak in Coulee Area | Coronavirus

As the Coulee region begins 2022, COVID-19 cases are on the rise.

LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW) – As the Coulee area begins in 2022, COVID-19 cases are on the rise. The recent spike has further weighed down schools, businesses and healthcare facilities that are already staffed with limited staff.

To address the growing problem, the La Crosse County Health Department held a collaborative appeal with representatives from the Gundersen and Mayo Clinic health systems.

Audra Martine, director of the health department, said it was important for the community to realize how quickly the spike in COVID cases is affecting the region.

“We are currently seeing an impact of the Omicron variant in our community on individuals not only for their personal health, but also for its impact on many areas of our community and our ability to function as a community,” said Martine.

Gundersen Health System CEO Dr Scott Rathgaber wants to forestall the spread of the virus before it affects already overcrowded hospitals.

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“We are worried if we don’t respond that we will have a diminishing ability to care for everyone if we continue on the path we are on,” said Dr Rathgaber. “This is why we are asking for help from the community to help us maintain care not only for those infected with COVID who need to be hospitalized, but for all the other illnesses we are caring for in the community. community.”

The number of daily cases continues to increase

Health officials said the sense of urgency was justified with more than a thousand new cases last week.

“Before winter, it was common for us to see a daily case rate with an average number typically less than a hundred,” Martine said. “We are now seeing that these counts are going very quickly in the last few days with 2, 3 or maybe even 4 times the daily count that we had seen before.”

At these rates of spread, doctors suggest people take extra care in public.

“Suppose people who feel good go for a walk,” Dr. Rathgaber said. “At least 10% or more of them are infected.”

Escalation Rate Case in Coulee Region

Dr Paul Mueller, regional vice president of the health system at the Mayo Clinic, said the community must take control and use the tools to limit the spread already available to them.

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“We are here today to ask you to do the following evidence-based things and these are approved by the Centers for Disease Control,” Dr. Mueller said before listing the preventative measures. “Mask yourself when you are in public and mask yourself when you are around other people and use effective masks. Social distancing, think critically before attending meetings. Stay home when you are sick , but if you have symptoms, get tested. Please get vaccinated. The mainly patients we have in the hospital with COVID have not been vaccinated. “

The health ministry is also calling on the public to work together to combat the spread of the virus.

“Right now is a good time to think about the things we do that are risky and how we protect each other from what we are involved in and with whom,” Martine said. “We are not asking for a legal mandate of any kind, but asking the community to come together to help us get through this.”

For current COVID-19 data in La Crosse County, see the Department of Health’s information page here: COVID-19[female[feminine

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