La Motte, Iowa Fire Department raises money to replace 41 year old fire truck


Volunteers at a small fire station in La Motte, Iowa, want to replace their 41-year-old fire truck.

The department’s 1980 GMC tanker is one of six fire trucks at the station. There is rust on the body, tank and water pump that service volunteers describe as “beyond repair.”

However, getting a new fire truck won’t come cheap.

According to Nick Ludwig, deputy fire chief of La Motte Fire and Rescue, the cost of a new fire truck could amount to more than $ 250,000. For a fire station with only 30 volunteers in a city with only a few hundred citizens, that’s a steep price to pay.

“For a small rural department like ours, that’s a big chunk of change to pay,” Ludwig said.

This is all the more true since a large part of the financing of the La Motte Fire Department is made through donations. That’s why throughout the year, the department hosts several fundraisers, including omelet breakfasts, campaigns, and fried steaks. But the department’s latest fundraising effort – a simple Facebook post featuring a photo of the old fire truck and the station’s Venmo username – may have been the biggest to date. .

“We posted this at four o’clock last night and we have over 30,000 views,” Ludwig said this morning of the Facebook post.

Ludwig said that since the publication of the post, the department has received donations from people within the community, but also from people they don’t even know. While the post always attracts attention and the department is still in need of donations, Ludwig says all donations are appreciated.

“It feels good to know that people care about it,” Ludwig said. “I mean, we volunteer our time for the community, and it’s just nice to get some people to recognize what we’re putting into it and help us financially.”

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