LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Grandview Medical Center Stays Loyal In Serving North Central Alabama


By Daniel McKinney

I write today with hope for the future and gratitude for the resilience of our team of providers at Grandview Medical Center. The pandemic has demonstrated how interconnected we are all, the impact each of us can have and the benefit of working together for a common cause. We care deeply about our community and remain steadfast in our commitment to providing safe and quality health services.

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The arc of life is still present in a hospital, but its fragility has been very clear this year. Hundreds of thousands of patients have received the medical care they need from our doctors, nurses, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, lab technicians, housekeepers, catering workers and other providers who have worked tirelessly to maintain an environment sure. Our family of caregivers put their fears and personal concerns aside and came to help every day, with bravery and courage.

Over 2,000 babies breathed for the first time and we celebrated with their moms. Over half a million left in better shape than when they arrived – with less pain after a joint replacement, a pounding heart after receiving a pacemaker, or a smile of relief when their screening mammogram or colonoscopy was Claire.

With pride and relief, we applauded dozens of patients who returned home after defeating COVID-19. But there were also moments of sadness, as our caregivers helped patients make the transition at the end of life and comforted loved ones who mourned their loss.

Helping people recover and live healthier lives is rewarding work, and we are grateful for the trust each patient has in us. And we feel the support of the community as you have expressed your thanks and encouragement through meals, prayers, banners, cards, words of encouragement, parades and more.

Led by a local government and an advisory board of community leaders and physicians, we are dedicating our resources to increasing the medical services, facilities and technologies that are important to our patients, including expanding services to women for include more NICU beds and labor and delivery suites; a second place for doctors currently under construction; and the signing of a letter of intent for the construction of a stand-alone emergency service in north-east Birmingham. Access has been improved with the opening of a clinic in Pelham and several new clinics are planned over the next year. We have also recruited specialists in neurology, cardiology and radiation oncology. Many of our doctors now offer telemedicine, making it easier than ever to see a doctor from the comfort of home.

We value our relationship with North Central Alabama. The more than $ 34 million in taxes we paid last year supports critical infrastructure such as first responders, schools and roads. The salaries and benefits of our team of suppliers generate purchasing power for local goods and services and help stimulate the local economy. And we’re caring for our most vulnerable residents, providing more than $ 99 million in charity and unpaid care last year.

Like you, we hope things will get back to normal. This is possible thanks to the availability of COVID-19 vaccines. But it is incumbent on all of us to maintain safe practices as well – wearing a mask or face covering, maintaining social distancing, and washing our hands regularly. By following these simple gestures, we can do extraordinary things.

Daniel McKinney is the CEO of Grandview Medical Center.

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