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Give the coup de grace

Republicans! Conservatives! In your struggle to attract one of the state’s largest swing voter groups, Colorado Education Moms, you have your opponents – the teachers’ unions and their Democratic Party bosses on the ropes. Now walk on and deliver the final blow!

In Wednesday’s Gazette, columnist Mark Thiessen wrote that “school board moms” are very upset with school closings, mask warrants, that their children are learning that America is racist and that the FBI is The Biden administration blames them for “making school board meetings chaotic.” . “

The base camp for all these slights against moms is the teachers’ unions, which are private companies that override the principal’s leadership and stifle the independent professional voices of individual teachers. Disorder and bullying reign supreme, students fear raising their hands for fear of being ridiculed, parents are in the dark, teachers are assessed as children and not supported, and they pay the union’s $ 1,000 annual dues. to protect himself.

What’s an unbeatable platform for Conservative school board candidates? 1. Choosing the school right away, and 2. A ballot question for the citizens of each unionized school district (37 in Colorado, starting with Colorado Springs D-11): a teachers’ union, or should our authority be transferred to principals to run our schools? “

James sayler

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Prepare our students with skills

I read the article (Gazette, October 12) “Introducing the D11 Fairness Audit” with utter dismay that our school systems continue to waste our taxes on these “audits” while our schools miserably fail to educate. . The district equity policy states that the district “will welcome and empower all students and families as essential partners in the education of their students, planning and decision-making in the district.” The district will not “avoid conflict or difficult conversations…”. And (paragraph I) “… eliminate constraints and inequalities between marginalized and white students”. From the article, the 25-minute presentation highlights the audit findings, then divides participants into small rotating groups in “equity cafes” to discuss things and put ideas on notes. self-adhesive.

Well, here’s my take (with a 45+ year STEM career):

While our students are fundamentally less than a third proficient in math and English (even using 2019 data) and 17% / 34% respectively in 2021 (with 50-67% white students), it looks like the fairness has been achieved by failing all of our students. I think our time and money is better spent not collecting sticky notes in “equity cafes” but focusing on math and English in the classroom and preparing our students for the world. adults with skills rather than who is supposedly an oppressor and an underdog.

Edward Maksimowicz

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Better return on investment

When Tom Brokaw called the WWII generation the greatest generation, it was because they had a vision and they had invested in the future: they built highways, they created a program. space and they built our schools. Now in Manitou Springs School District 14, it is our turn and our duty to build schools for the next generation of children – to help keep society running.

After reading a few recent letters to the editor, I’m happy to be able to offer a counter-argument for the children of School District 14.

School buildings in District 14 are dilapidated. They no longer provide the learning spaces that today’s students need. They are also not designed to provide the safety, accessibility of ADA, mental health counseling, crisis control, medical care and other services that children need and that schools are now. obliged to provide.

Older buildings were constructed with materials such as lead paint and asbestos. Eliminating hazardous materials through upgrades and renovations makes school buildings safer, healthier and more environmentally friendly.

The 4C voting measure includes renovated facilities at the high school, middle school and SILC building, as well as new roofs for the two elementary schools. It also includes essential safety and security measures that all schools now need.

A YES vote produces a much better return on investment now than it will be if the district has to come back to the poll in the future. Interest rates are at their lowest. Now is the time to borrow money to improve our schools. If 4C is successful, the school district will also receive a BEST grant of $ 9 million.

If 4C fails, the problems do not go away. The school board would then have no choice but to try again. Their purchasing power in the future would be greatly reduced.

Not only would they be without the BEST grant, but rising interest rates and rapidly rising construction costs would mean that the scope of the project would be much smaller but cost taxpayers as much as the current proposal.

A YES vote on 4C is a smart, forward-thinking investment in our children and in our community. It is a necessary investment right now. 4C extends our taxes and our purchasing power. It corrects what is needed and provides what our children need to be successful. The job of the school board is to plan for the future. They did it with a comprehensive master plan. It is up to us to finance it. Let’s continue to be the school district that always puts students first.

Dan Stuart

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Put the ballots in the everyday language

I just received my ballot in the mail. I have two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s degree in bidness (sic) and now I understand why people don’t vote in elections. You have to be a freaking lawyer to understand the verb on the ballots.

I will vote no on every question until the ballots can be written in everyday language people can understand instead of the garbage created by lawyers.

Lew willey

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