LMAS Health Department updates local COVID numbers

As we continue to enjoy summer activities on the Upper Peninsula, COVID cases are on the rise, particularly in Schoolcraft County, with eight cases from July 6 to July 13, 2022, rising to 21 cases the following week ending July 20.

The Upper Peninsula has added just over 1,200 new cases in the past two weeks. Algiers County is also at a high level of transmission according to the CDC, but appears to be declining again.

Luce is medium transmission and Mackinac is weak.

The numbers may seem low, but with the increasing use of home testing, we know we don’t have the actual number of active cases. However, with the high transmission level in Schoolcraft, now is a good time to assess your own comfort level and risk factors. Be sure to use the tools you and your family have to reduce your risk of serious illness.

Toolbox :
1. Vaccinations – not as effective in preventing Omicron sub-variants, but still help prevent people from becoming seriously ill and hospitalized. If you are vaccinated but have not received your booster(s), visit LMASDHD.org to schedule an appointment or call your local LMAS office.
2. Masks – in crowded indoor spaces always a good option to wear a properly fitting mask such as a KN95.
3. Home testing kits – keep a few on hand and make sure you don’t spread COVID before heading out for that get-together with friends and family.
4. If you get sick with a fever and other symptoms such as cough, sore throat and sneezing, stay home until your fever goes down and your symptoms improve.
5. If your COVID test is positive, notify close contacts and self-isolate on Days 1-5. If symptoms resolve by Day 6, wear a mask on Days 6-10 if you must leave home. Also, if you test positive, contact your doctor about prescription medications now available for people with COVID.

LMAS is making free COVID-19 test kits and masks available to the public at all four offices – in St. Ignace, Newberry, Manistique and Munising. For more information and to schedule your next COVID-19 vaccine appointment, visit LMASDHD.org.

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